Bradmount Foods

What They Wanted

We were approached by our client as the execution of their growth plan had stalled because problem areas in their mid-sized fruit and vegetable operation were taking priority. One of the major problem areas was a time-consuming telephone ordering process. Many hours were being unnecessarily spent processing daily telephone orders (particularly from catering clients) for delivery and manually updating the firm’s stock management system.

What We Did

Having identified the right solution during an initial meeting with the client, our growth managers, identified a bespoke software solution to automate the ordering system and seamlessly integrate it with the stock management system. Our software team developed a web-based online ordering system that is both super fast and simple to use. It was essential the online system was much easier to use and much more attractive to the customer than the traditional telephone procedure.

Our team included features such as the ability to duplicate and edit past orders to allow chefs and other customers to order quickly. We also added cross-selling features to increase the average orders per customer. Our system was fully connected with our client’s stock management system and invoicing for a seamless process.

The Result

This recently completed system has been tested and approved by the client, and is ready for roll-out along with a marketing campaign to promote the benefits to customers. The client is confident that the system will significantly streamline the ordering process for his teams while facilitating a faster and easier user experience for the firm’s customers.

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