Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers - Case Study

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Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers

Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers offers a wide range of insurance products and is the specialist insurance broker for beauty and holistic therapists in Ireland. Established in 1999, Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers is based in Sligo but provides insurance solutions for clients all over Ireland. BMIB 's qualified account handlers can quote for a range of insurance products including: Motor, Home, Business, Retail, Malpractice, Liability, Professional Indemnity and Group Schemes. BMIB is committed to the relationships we have build up with our Clients and we strive to build customer loyalty and long-term value relationships.

What They Wanted

Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers (BMIB) is an insurance brokerage firm based in Sligo and offers an extensive range of insurance policies to clients throughout Ireland. BMIB needed a website redesign to increase online application form inquiries, enhance brand awareness, and advertise to increase website traffic and improve their conversion rate.

The website was outdated, lacked basic user experience principles and suffered from significant usability issues with disjointed application architecture. It was easier for customers to call the support line than find the information they needed and successfully apply for a policy online, which consumed more work hours - BMIB wanted to rectify this and make the process streamlined and more efficient.

What We Did

BMIB is a retained client of Grofuse. Our team has managed many aspects of the company’s digital marketing strategy including website design, website development, ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, pay per click (PPC) advertising management, content and copy creation, creative print advertising design, and social media marketing to increase leads.

Our team started the marketing and web design project by developing customer personas. Each page of the new website design was then wireframed, refined, and tested with real users to ensure the best user experience (UX). Customer experience is key - most users searching for insurance policies want to source the best deal possible. Therefore, the team strategically placed call to action buttons and informative, engaging information throughout the website to encourage users to take action.

While designing the website, the team implemented on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) so that Google could render it more effectively and the site would rank well organically on the search engines – reducing the need to spend more money on Google Ads.

For BMIB’s search engine optimisation, we split the work into two strategies. Firstly, to research and optimise pages in order to improve focused traffic made up of ‘ready to buy’ customers from the beauty industry who are looking for specific insurance products. Secondly, we optimised for traffic made up of people browsing for a new supplier for general insurance services.

For the client’s Google Ads strategy, we created focused campaigns to increase brand awareness for the organisation and promote beauty insurance products. Specific keyword campaigns were designed to present ads to potential customers who are in the market right now for insurance for their hairdressing salons, make-up salons, therapy clinics or similar businesses. Each ad group is tracked and focused for each keyword type, ensuring a high-quality score and lower advertising costs.

The BMIB brand awareness campaigns require a low budget but achieve a high reach. This is because they are designed to target people who have already visited

Both of Grofuses’s SEO and PPC strategies are designed to work in tandem to assist BMIB in growing revenue and brand awareness in a competitive industry in Google search engine results positions.

The team also created new social media channels and manages all the accounts with the creation of ongoing posts and advertising. Tracking was implemented to re-target users that have visited the website with campaigns to keep the website relevant to warm leads.

The Result

The result is a visually stunning, superfast, functional website with expert menu navigation and user experience. This optimises conversions and traffic driven by ongoing campaigns.

The significantly improved design, usability and overall user experience has helped catapult BMIB as a leader in the insurance industry, and reduces administrative duties for employees through seamless online applications.

The results for the SEO strategy meant that each search result was focused on their targeted audiences. Beauty sector customers want to find out quickly what they will be covered for and the price. We included this information in the search results, so users know precisely what prices are before clicking on the page, which has resulted in increased sales conversion rate.

For people browsing new insurance suppliers, the new site has clear information about why they should choose BMIB as their broker. Each page navigation is designed to improve the user experience, helping visitors quickly find the information they need. This has resulted in an 37.07% increase in organic traffic over a sample three-month period.

Traffic increased across all metrics, with a continuous upward trajectory year-on-year, increasing by 104% since Grofuse became the digital growth partner of BMIB in 2019.

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