Vomiting words onto a webpage, creating a crappy video content or writing gobbledygook in a news release is doomed to failure.

In fact, it can damage your brand.

Great web content marketing that works must centre on your buyer, not on you or your products or services.

That’s why it is so important to understand your customer personas – understand what makes them tick, what solves their problems and ultimately what makes them buy.

Content drives results

Great content marketing is what drives action on a website and you really can’t afford to overlook it. It’s what takes the potential buyer through the consideration process to the point they are ready to buy.

It should not be underestimated or ignored in any business budget.

Those of the mind-set that they do not need to worry about online content are fooling themselves. Those with the belief that the intern can throw a post on social media the odd time or create a quick blog post will be left behind by competitors who invest in crafting and promoting great content.

The web is the first stop on the customer’s shopping trip.

Tailor your content

People research online before buying. This is a great opportunity to deliver targeted information at the precise moment when people are looking for what you have to offer.

They are not looking for advertising, they are looking for content tailored to their needs so you need to act like a journalist or editor and not a salesperson.

Every time you create a news release, blog, vlog or podcast you have an opportunity to sell. A strong focus on doing it right will result in increased sales, higher retention rates and more column inches or air time in the media.

There are many different online platforms for your content and it can be confusing to choose which you use.

Using your website as the base, it is important to choose social platforms wisely to promote your web content and drive traffic to your site.

You should tailor your use of a platform to your customer persona – for B2C you can use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for B2B use LinkedIn and so on.

Quality over quantity

The key is not to spread your resources too thin – using one or two social platforms really well is always better than using many badly.

And using them well means applying our first rule of content marketing: Craft the content around your buyer, not around you.

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