Don Agri

What They Wanted

Donaghy Agri is one of Ireland’s leading livestock suppliers. Livestock welfare, product innovation and ensuring constant supply to meet market demand are at the heart of their business. The website’s main objective was to advertise the buying and selling of stock while promoting their livestock haulage service.

The client wanted a website that is:

  • Easy to use for their target market (farmers) to source and sell livestock via the website.
  • Easy for the client to access in order to add livestock page information and edit details.
  • Optimised to attract traffic, and increase the buying and selling of livestock while promoting their haulage services.

What We Did

Agricultural digital strategy

After competitive research was completed, Grofuse’s recommendation was to create a clean, modern, unique and outstanding website that wouldn’t be confused with the others in the local competitive market.

The Grofuse team created a clear structure to funnel each service market and integrated a contact form, enabling users to contact Donaghy Agri for buying or selling livestock easily. When it comes to web design for optimal user experience, understanding who the audience is and what they are looking for is vital. The website was crafted to quickly communicate the service offerings, with each landing page featuring custom website content – the layout was designed to highlight key features and focus on calls to action.

Our work included on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) to attract as much traffic as possible using keyword research. The site was built to fulfil Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’ such as speed, user experience and visual stability – Google rewards websites with these metrics to rank highly on the search engine results page.

The Result

The end result is a stunning, professional, business website and online marketing strategy to increase inquiries and help establish Don Agri online. The website content and design incorporated all of the required integrations and functionality to successfully exceed the client’s expectations with increased inquiries, sales and strengthened brand.

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