Grofuse strategy surges client’s sales by 200%

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Amid the impact Covid-19 has had on many businesses, clients of Grofusehave continued to grow with our help. With a lot of uncertainty at the moment, it is uplifting to hear a good news story and see the businesses we work with flourish.

Bernard Gallagher, owner of CBM Signs, has been a retained client managed by Denis Finnegan, our digital director for the last 4 years. The objective for CBM Signs is to increase online sales by 20% each year. Bernard is one of Donegal’s most respected entrepreneurs as he is involved in a number of successful strong businesses in the North West.

How we helped

The outbreak of Covid-19 spurred many businesses to modify their business plans. Our team helped manage Bernard’s strategy to focus on products for social distancing awareness and screens. By focusing on these products, sales surged by 200% in the last month while the company gained a competitive edge.

The strategic approach was that the client does not rely on one sales channel. This allows the client to reach the 20% growth target in times when all channel are unable to perform well for various reasons.

Traditionally, Mr Gallagher’s sales were business to business (B2B). However, this new strategy helped him target a lot more consumers directly – improving his cashflow, entering new markets and not relying on a sole revenue stream.

To achieve this, the market was reviewed and an analysis was undertaken as to which products sold best and what the client focuses most on. By observing trends and popular searches online, the focus market was determined.

For this clients’ online strategy the main focus was:

  • Improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank within the top three for all searches relating to the products they sell on Google. The company is first for most of the terms frequently keyed in by people in the target markets.
  • Creating Google Ads on the specific terms people search for that will provide a high conversion rate. Google Shopping was also used to ensure products that are competitive show up on Google search.
  • Working with the client on their social media strategy.
  • Creating emails for different client segments to showcase attractive offers.

The client’s feedback

Mr Gallagher stated: “If you’re serious about web sales, the numbers don’t lie. I have worked with this growth agency for three years now and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

“I have referred Grofuse to multiple business owners, who in turn, have only seen success. My company has fortunately experienced exponential growth in the crisis of Covid-19, thanks to Denis and the team at Grofuse.”

Would you like to be our next good news story? Contact our team of experts today to see how we can help you through this crisis. NI/GB: +44 2871 228820 ROI: +353 1 247 5294.