What They Wanted

KMD Mechanical, an engineering company, providing technical specialist expertise and project management and assurance services to contractors on large infrastructure projects, had scaled significantly and required branding and an online presence to reflect its growth
and ambition.

The company sought to re-enforce its reputation for consistently high standards in the efficient and safe delivery of large infrastructure projects. CEO Keith McDaid wanted the professionalism, experience and efficiency of the firm’s discipline-specific team to be encapsulated in the brand. He also wanted the company’s values and dedication to its ‘right first time’ principle to be communicated clearly online in order to grow IPMA brand recognition globally. The main objectives of the website were identified as:

  • Showcase the company professionally to prospective clients;
  • Showcase the team’s experience using project case studies
  • Ensure visitors can easily navigate on all devices
  • Ensure visitors can easily engage with the company

What We Did

Our team explored the company’s values, purpose, mission, goals, culture, offering, expertise, experience, sectors, history and much more to create a new brand which fully encapsulated them.

IPMA (Infrastructure Project Management and Assurance) was forged as the new brand name with the powerful brand colour combination of racing green, black and white. The appropriate domain names were sourced.

The architecture of the website was created to ensure a smooth flow of content for visitors who would be left in no doubt as to the unique selling points of IPMA. The company’s past projects, experience and expertise were the main focus areas of the brochure website in order to provide potential clients with assurance that IPMA is a proven leader in its field and the perfect partner for large-scale infrastructure project management and assurance.

The Result

The transformation project has ticked all the boxes for the company.

The ‘Right First Time’ principle is ever-present in the new branding and its communications online via an impressive-looking and superfast functioning new website.

The new look and online presence aids IPMA in creating a great first impression with potential new partners in major infrastructure projects. The new branding presents IPMA professionally while accurately representing what the company stands for and why.

The new website allows IPMA’s target market to see straight away that this company is a leading provider of project management and assurance for large infrastructure projects. The site is fully responsive across all devices and has the wow factor needed to impress visitors right from their first click.

The website content offers strong assurance that IPMA will deliver what potential clients require – infrastructure projects that are both on time and on budget while ensuring compliance with regulations and transparency in processes.