RoboBIZZ – Artificial Intelligence
E-Commerce Management

Total e-commerce
management to increase
retail profit margins

Total e-commerce management to increase retail profit margins

RoboBIZZ is delivering the future of e-commerce today by using artificial intelligence to manage online stores in real-time with minimum human input.

This highly intelligence robot takes the place of your online store management team, substantially cutting your cost of sale and increasing that all important retail profit margin in this most competitive of sectors.

RoboBIZZ automatically uploads unlimited products while accurately sourcing product descriptions, photos, prices, quantities and availability information from all of your suppliers. By doing this, RoboBIZZ eliminates the need for costly manual input and updates while ensuring your online store always has the very latest product information.

RoboBIZZ works hand in hand with your existing product management system (PMS) or replaces it entirely to reduce manual input, saving time and money for your business.

RoboBIZZ never calls in sick, takes a holiday, or quits – meaning you can always rely on real-time management to help you stay ahead of your competition. This robot does not make costly human errors as it accurately, automatically and continually inputs up to date information.

Interested in dramatically reducing your retail operating expenses, eliminating human error and implementing a system that runs your e-commerce business on a second-by-second basis instead of you?

What is Robobizz?

An artificial intelligence working as a fully-automated e-commerce RAAS (Robot as a Service) solution.

• Next-Gen AI PMS
• ANY ERP, CRM or B2B platform
• WMS systems
• Any e-commerce platform
• No need to change existing software


• Personal cloud
• 0% security breach
• Smart risk allocation
• Independent modules


• Full visibility
• Complete log history
• Immediate alerts
• Full traceability


AI automatically generates a product catalogue from raw data input:
• Descriptions, technical specs, images, prices, and more
• Intelligent assigning of categories from all vendors
• Real-time update of stock quantities available


Automatic tracking of vendor inventories:
• Automated inventories update across all channels
• Management of multiple warehouses
• Automated re-order of products based on predictive AI analysis or low quantity alerts


Automatic creation of purchase orders, picking the best product price from all vendors:
• Automatic orders based on critical quantity
• One click to transform purchase to sales order
• Automated document exchange


• Real-time price updates
• Follow competitor prices and adjust your prices to stay competitive
• Automatic re-calculation of exchange rates in real time
• Customised different price policies for every channel you use


Automatic exchange and translation of documents:
• Invoices, protocols for delivery, dispatch notes, warranty cards, etc.
• Import invoices directly into ERP/Accounting software
• Automated accounting operations
• Cash flow tracking and reporting

How does Robobizz’ AI work?

Robobizz AI ensures intelligent automation of all your e-Commerce processes 24/7/365.
Robobizz is a winner of the prestigious and sector-leading E-Commerce Germany Award (2020) in ‘Best Innovation’ category and for good reason. This technology streamlines online retail operations to drive strong profitability in this very competitive sector.

Our team ensures that RoboBIZZ is tailored exactly to your unique online retail operation.

Following full discovery and technical assessment by our team, RoboBIZZ is simply plugged into your existing ecommerce platform.

It is also integrated with all other required systems including supplier warehousing software, payment processing software, shipping software and more.


Key Features In-Depth

  • Integration with B2B and/or B2C platforms. RoboBIZZ works on every e-commerce platform, e.g. Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, AliExpress, Amazon and eBay, as well as any custom-built online store platforms
  • Flawless integration with all ERPs, CRMs, B2B marketplaces and warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Works with your existing PMS or replaces it entirely while providing substantial added functionality to dramatically reduce manual input.
  • Database migrations
  • Database population with product information from vendors – this most tedious, time and resource consuming, error-prone task is completed automatically in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost
  • Database population is thoroughly completed even when insufficient data is available from vendors. The robot will search and reliably source product metadata (images, descriptions, features, combinations, etc.) and fill in any gaps in product information
  • Real-time update of stock availabilities, prices, commercial data and metadata
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of all product details and categories regardless of product volume (metadata, meta tags, meta titles, meta descriptions)
  • Integration with vendors. Robobizz allows users to match and select the best price/delivery time from multiple vendors and place orders in a single step, while also managing payments to different vendors
  • Automated language translation and multilingual descriptions
  • Integration with business processes
  • Integration with shipping companies
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Backups, system support and defence from security breaches
  • Full and reliable IT support for your system from the RoboBIZZ team
  • Full and secure hosting is offered as part of the RoboBIZZ package including backups, system support and defence from security breaches and malicious hacking attacks
  • Completely eliminates routine e-commerce management tasks and data entry processes
  • Increases speed and accuracy of online retail management
  • Automates product and price listing uploads and updates 24/7/365
  • Significantly reduces staffing costs
  • Eliminates costly human mistakes
  • Applies smart price policies customised to customer requirements and applies currency exchange rates in real time
  • Allows full traceability of every transaction via complete log history
  • Eliminates the need for investments in developing e-platforms, buying and maintaining IT infrastructure and hiring expensive IT support

Monthly plans customised to business size, marketing strategy and vision.


We provide free hosting and take care of all technical issues. Forget about IT support & hosting costs!

  • Automated Product Uploads
  • Integration With Suppliers’ Warehousing Software
  • Product Information Updates 24/7/365
  • Product Combinations
  • Multilingual Descriptions
  • Automated language translation and multilingual descriptions
  • Images Sourcing And Upload
  • Price Sourcing And Updates
  • Inventory Management In Real Time
  • Integration With Shipping Companies
  • Integration With Payment Software
  • Predictive AI Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Optimisation
  • Tedious Manual Input
  • Routine E-Commerce Management Tasks
  • Staffing Costs
  • Human Mistakes
  • Delayed Updates
  • Manual Accounting

Rubin 2001 (, Bulgaria is a specialised Heating & Plumbing parts and accessories business. After the initial assessment by the Robobizz team Rubin 2001 achieved the following:
1. Digitalisation of all product catalogues – our robot gathered all product descriptions, technical specifications and other details (the process is explained here:
2. Succeeded integration with twenty-five vendors, supporting 10,000 products. This led to a reduction in monthly phone calls of 19,000. Prior to RoboBIZZ integration, these phone calls were essential for product enquiries to vendors.
3. Automatic translation from multiple languages (Italian, Serbian) of all incoming documents and integration with ERP. This process included the development of custom OCR as the bulk of vendor documents were presented on paper.
4. Automatic offering of product up-sale/cross-sale and product combinations.
5. Additional sale channels were added – social networks, Amazon and others
6. Differentiation of price levels for B2B and B2C.
7. The company’s turnover increased by 18%, reaching €6.1 million. This was achieved without hiring a single new employee, simply by process optimisation using RoboBIZZ artifical intelligence.

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