Facebook is a business tool that no company can ignore.

Its reach is huge. The world’s biggest social media network currently has around 2 billion users and1.25 billion of those are active monthly users.

In Ireland, there are currently more than 2.5million users with that number expected to top 3 million by 2025 while in the UK more than half of the population use the social network at least once a month. Facebook is the local, national, international, global social network of choice that connects not just friends but also brands and businesses to their audiences and markets.

There are those however who still view social media as unnecessary, too time consuming and too steep of a learning curve.

The truth is that your business can’t afford to see social media as optional.

What you do on Facebook promotes and enhances your offline activity. It dovetails with existing strategies – your Facebook strategy is part of the greater business whole.

You are not aiming to be good at social media – you are aiming to be good at business because of social media.

Why use Facebook?

A strong Facebook presence is a great way of promoting you brand to new customers or clients and of nurturing existing, trusted relationships.

The right presence will increase your visibility and establish your business as a trusted and authoritative brand.

Studies consistently show that interacting on social – even 2 to 3 times per week – can significantly increase your online presence and allow you to build relationships beyond the confines of your office walls.

Develop a page tone/voice and create a community around your brand

Develop a company/ brand personality and be responsive – be human! Some of the best small business pages on Facebook work long and hard at getting their social tone just right. They ask questions, use humour and are uplifting or inspiring –  and audiences respond. Never leave messages unanswered or let comments pass without acknowledging them. Fans appreciate brands that take time to respond. Aim to respond to messages and comments within 24 hours

Content is king

Facebookers are more likely to engage if your content is emotional, surprising, something they are finding out for the first time, or that reflects well on them.

Inspire People to SHARE Your Content. Aim to educate, inform and entertain or elicit emotions while always staying connected to your brand.

Give your posts a real visual strength – images and video content are crucial to your page’s success.

Image posts get much more engagement than plain old text while Facebook’s algorithm, the formula that determines how prominent content appears in news feeds – loves visual and video content.

Captivating and eye-catching visuals will help your content stand out in news feeds.

A great way to sharpen the focus of your brand is to identify a common problem within your Facebook community, one unique to your niche and create strong content that addresses that problem.

Hashtags on Facebook

Use hashtags – the # is not just for our dear friend Twitter. Hashtags help garner awareness around specific campaigns, like contests and product sales. They give your content greater visibility and place your voice into the most relevant conversations. Use hashtags (1 or 2 only) when they make sense and when you use something relevant that people can filter on to find more relevant conversation. If we wanted to create conversation around social media tools we should start including a hashtag #socialmediatools and then encourage conversation around it.

Know your Audience and what they like – monitor and measure

Know your audience and do more content that works for you. Use the info in Facebook insights to not just show you who your fans are, when they are online etc but also to see what posts have worked really well for you. If images and video posts get most engagement adjust your content strategy to reflect this, if it was polls or a call to action that did well, then do more.

Good housekeeping and consistency

Keep your page up to date. Your page should be 100% complete with a great profile and cover pic, and the about section completed in full – revise and update as and when changes happen in your organisation. The short description should include keywords so you are found in online searches, while it’s imperative all company contact info is up to date and clearly defined.

Be consistent in all that you do – housekeeping, voice, content, monitoring and measuring, customer relations. Have a daily to do list If you’re looking to boost engagement, traffic, and sales, you’ll need to put a plan in place. Not only will it save you time, but will ensure you consistently follow a process

  • Reply to all comments. (be grateful, generous, and giving in your reply)
  • Thank anyone that’s shared your content. (always monitor mentions)
  • Like and Comment on a 3-5 relevant Page updates.
  • Share relevant content to niche-specific groups.
  • If you’re running Facebook ads, look at your stats and adjust accordingly.
  • Like relevant business pages and start interacting.

We’ll sign off with a simple Grofuse Digital Top Tip: Always invite all who have liked your posts to also like your page. They‘ve already engaged with you and your content so chances are they’ll be happy to take the next step.

At Grofuse we help develop social media, content, public relations and digital marketing strategies that best suit your business goals. Contact us today and start a conversation focussed on conversions.