What They Wanted

The Grofuse team worked with Grasstec to kickstart their digital transformation in assisting the business to reposition itself from ‘Grasstec’ to ‘Grasstec Group’ and develop the digital transformation strategy. Initially, the client had no digital strategy or online presence. Grasstec Group’s target was to enter the UK market to advance livestock sales and overall sales by 30%. The client also wanted to establish an online presence and strategy.

What We Did

Firstly, the full discovery was undertaken including the completion of a detailed marketing questionnaire to find out precisely what Grasstec’s clients and target market preferences were.

Once clear buyer personas were created, the entire digital strategy was carefully constructed. The team then created a new business and domain name to ensure that the size of the company, with its multiple divisions, was accurately reflected online.

From start to finish, Grofuse conducted the following:

  • Website design and development to create a key online marketing tool, e-commerce store and lead generator for sales while building the brand online.
  • Set up social channels to establish a social media presence and create additional customer touchpoints.
  • A blog and case study strategy was recommended to showcase Grasstec’s work, improve their content portfolio, rank for keywords on the search engines and build credibility.
  • An email strategy was implemented to create awareness of the new website, social channels, blogs, case studies and to build an engaged audience.
  • Ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads campaigns were created, analysed and optimised to maximise conversions.

The Result

The initial target was to increase sales by 30%. However, within 18 months, sales surged by 300% as a result of the digital transformation implemented by Grofuse. Grasstec Group successfully entered the UK market, continually building their brand and increasing sales.

“The Grofuse team assisted us with the development planning of our new Grasstec Ltd. website and our digital strategy. Denis’s familiarity and knowledge of best practices and technical marketing requirements are crucial to maximising the website’s effectiveness, thus reaching more of our potential customers.

Grofuse brings a comprehensive insight into optimising the site post-development and their interpretation of the data garnered. It has helped us target key client accounts and achieve results for the various services we offer currently.”

Grasstec website design and development

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