Grofuse Propels Mystique Jerseys to Achieve Impressive 106.66% ROAS Growth - Case Study

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Mystique Jerseys Case Study

What They Wanted

Despite generating a significant volume of sales through social media channels like Instagram and TikTok, Mystique Jerseys faced a challenge with their online advertising strategy. They sought to improve their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from their Google Ads campaigns, as they believed there was untapped potential for revenue growth and customer acquisition. Mystique Jerseys approached us to restructure and optimise their advertising efforts, with the ultimate goal of maximising revenue and enhancing their online presence.

What We Did

To address Mystique Jerseys' challenges, and help them capitalise on their market-leading position, our team embarked on a comprehensive strategy to reinvigorate their online advertising campaigns.

We conducted a thorough analysis of Mystique Jerseys' existing Google Ads campaigns, identifying areas for improvement. By restructuring the campaigns and ad groups, we ensured that each advertisement aligned closely with target audience segments, improving relevancy and engagement.

Our team crafted captivating ad copy that emphasised the excitement and unique experience of receiving a mystery jersey. By highlighting the surprise element and the joy of discovering a new team to support, we aimed to resonate with sports fans seeking thrilling and memorable moments.

Through meticulous keyword research and analysis, we identified high-performing and relevant keywords specific to Mystique Jerseys' product offerings. This allowed us to optimise keyword bids and allocate budget towards the most valuable opportunities, ensuring maximum visibility and conversions.

We implemented advanced conversion tracking tools to accurately measure the impact of each advertising campaign. By closely monitoring the performance of keywords, ad groups, and campaigns, we gained valuable insights for ongoing optimisation and data-driven decision-making

The Result

Our strategic optimisations and campaign enhancements produced outstanding results for Mystique Jerseys, elevating their online advertising performance and driving substantial business growth. They experienced an impressive revenue increase of 122.54% following the restructuring and optimisation of their Google Ads campaigns. This substantial growth showcased the effectiveness of our strategies in driving sales and capturing customer interest.

By targeting the most relevant audience segments and optimising keyword bids, Mystique Jerseys achieved an exceptional 106.66% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This demonstrated the enhanced efficiency and profitability of their advertising investments.

Through our refined targeting and persuasive ad copy, Mystique Jerseys witnessed a remarkable 87.58% increase in transactions. This surge in customer purchases reflected higher engagement and conversion rates, contributing to their overall business success.

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