Growing sales online is greatly accelerated when the people seeking what you have to offer can easily find what their looking for.

By directing the right traffic to your website, you can enjoy tremendous growth in high quality sales leads.

Great content which is carefully tailored to your market and then placed where they hang out online is a proven formula for results.

During initial meetings with clients, we often hear words to the effect: “If I could only get our target market in the room, I could sell to them no problem”.

Thankfully, with good digital marketing and content strategies, that is very achievable. By following some basic rules your potential clients can be funneled into your virtual sales room where good content which is well-placed takes on the role of the traditional salesperson.

Like any good sales pitch, effective content which engages will convert your lead into a sale.

1. Attracting high quality traffic

  • Create a customer persona

Research your customer – what they want, where they hang out etc. List the traits of your perfect customer in detail and their buyer behaviour. You may have multiple perfect customer personas. The trick is not to focus on everybody – it’s best to eliminate the customers who cause you headaches. This is about profiling your perfect customers so you can sell directly to them. This allows you to create content which engages with your exact market because if you can increase exposure to your perfect customers you will grow sales more easily.

  • Package your offering accordingly

Rather than simply listing products, develop them into packages which will easily appeal to your target audience. For example, if you are selling heat pumps to plumbers, they will be interested in the product features, whereas your homeowner customer will be interested in key benefits such as savings.

  • Drive traffic to your website

There are a range of activities to drive quality traffic to your website. These include organic and paid activities. Organic activities include high traffic SEO, long tail SEO and organic social media marketing. Paid advertising includes Google AdWords, Google shopping, display advertising, retargeting, focused database marketing and social media marketing.

2. Converting website traffic

  • Content to convert

We’ve already discussed the importance of good content in driving traffic but it is equally important in converting traffic into sales once your audience arrives at your site. Deliver the message your customer wants to hear through written and audio visual content which is designed just for them.

  • Calls to action

Where lots of business websites fail is in not clearly directing their visitors to what they want them to do. It’s like delivering the sales pitch but forgetting to close the sale.

If you are looking for a sales enquiry, ask them to contact you either via a contact form or to arrange an appointment. If it is an online sales opportunity, ensure they can easily find the ‘add to cart’ button or make a follow up enquiry. Use bright colours to make these calls to action stand out, use conversion codes when possible and connect to your analytics to measure results.

  • Track and test

The benefit of digital marketing is that we can track everything. By looking at data to review the conversion rates of each campaign – from sales to budget – we can quickly identify which campaigns deliver the strongest results and tweak them accordingly. Adding conversion codes supplied by your advertising platforms can track the success of paid advertising in generating a return on investment. Website data tools such as Google Analytics allow you to analyse data to find what works well and what doesn’t. This allows you to adapt strategies to deliver even stronger results. Easy access to instant and real-time data to improve performance is why digital content marketing has overtaken traditional advertising and marketing in today’s market places.

  • Support and build relationships online

Depending on your sales cycle, the initial lead may be used to begin your relationship with your potential customer. Entice them with valuable content or offers to enter their details. These can then be used in your lead generation campaigns. If you have a strong social media presence and it is managed correctly, encourage them to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or follow your company on LinkedIn. Effective customer relationship management will build long term loyalty, encourage customers to recommend you online to friends and help you win market share over your competitors

To Conclude

Growing sales online can be similar to offline. If you create your offerings around your customers, help them when you can with informative content and strong website structure, encourage them to talk about you if they have a positive experience, you will enter their hearts and their pockets.

At Grofuse we help develop digital marketing, content, public relations and social media, strategies that best suit your business goals. Contact us today and start a conversation focussed on conversions.