Think Growth, Think Grofuse

Think Growth,
Think Grofuse

Grofuse is the Growth Agency

Our purpose is to fuel the growth of ambitious organisations we know we can deliver for.

We use our collective expertise in digital communications and software innovation to identify and deliver key solutions which efficiently fuel business growth.
As a growth agency we are much more than the sum of our parts.

We are a team of experienced software developers, web designers, digital marketers, PR professionals and graphic/motion artists – but those skill sets certainly don’t define us.
What does define us is our belief in using our collective and complementary skill sets to help clients achieve their growth goals.

We investigate, advise, develop, implement and align, rather than simply sell a service or a product. Of course, we believe in increasing our revenue too but never at the expense of our clients’ growth.
That’s why identifying the most effective growth strategies and activities for our clients is what makes us tick. If an activity isn’t needed, we won’t recommend it.

When a potential client says ‘we need a new website’; ‘we need a new marketing strategy’; or ‘we need a new PR campaign’ – our growth consultants simply ask ‘why’.

The potential client’s answer is inevitably to ‘grow’ his or her organisation. Always with the key goal in mind, our experienced growth consultants listen carefully to our clients in order to fully understand the challenges faced, seek out any stumbling blocks to growth and advise on optimal solutions.

There may be simpler routes to the objective than first thought by the client. There may not.
Nevertheless, Grofuse clients are assured that we’ll advise them professionally, deliver and implement the right solutions efficiently, and always maintain open and honest communication with them.

This commitment to our clients’ growth – based on our values of dedication to customer empathy, communicating clearly with clients, developing expertise and employing the latest technologies – is why Grofuse is different from other purveyors of websites, software, marketing plans, PR campaigns and graphic/motion design.

We are a full-service growth agency which takes a holistic approach in order to ensure we identify and deliver only the best solutions for client growth.

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Meet the Team

Ian Cullen
Ian CullenContent/PR Director
Denis Finnegan
Denis FinneganDigital Director
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlinChief Technology Officer
Martina Doherty
Martina DohertySenior Graphic Designer
Atanas Karinkov
Atanas KarinkovSenior Web Developer
Megan Nyhan
Megan NyhanDigital Media Specialist
Lauren Canavan
Lauren CanavanMarketing Executive
Carole Gallagher
Carole GallagherSEO Specialist
Martina McAuley
Martina McAuleyHR Manager

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We invest in the growth of our team.
The professional and personal development of our people is central to our success together.
Our approach is designed to ensure your talent is nurtured to allow you to reach your full potential in a supportive, innovative and dynamic environment.
Learning from our best people will fuel your career growth.

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Hiring at grofuse

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