What’s your story, how do you tell it and is it sparking the right conversations about your business?

Engaging your target market with your story is a key ingredient for boosting sales.

We make YOUR story matter. We are experts in crafting our clients’ stories to ensure their message gets the attention it deserves.

Our full-service public relations team consists entirely of former journalists with vast experience of working at the coal face of print, broadcast and digital media.

Our content creators work hand in hand with our visual story tellers – including experts in animation, motion graphics and graphic design – to ensure the right content is created to optimise the delivery of your message across all platforms.

Our PR packages are designed to ensure that when online customers search for a product or service you provide, they’ll find your business, read your story and trust your offering.

We’d love to find your story, engage people with your message and spark conversations about your business today!



All media is digital today but the prestige of having your story told by a respected news outlet remains all powerful.

Grofuse as a leading PR agency has what it takes to achieve this prestige and build trust in your brand though careful media relations.

We have strong working relationships with a broad range of media outlets.

From mainstream news editors to niche journalists, producers, presenters and respected bloggers – the contact details are in our address books.

As former senior journalists we know what and who make the industry tick.

We use our vast experience to create and maintain positive media relations on behalf of our clients.

press campaigns


Grofuse has the knowledge, expertise and connections to ensure your story is told across a wide range of media outlets.

From coverage in established press titles, to radio and TV, Grofuse tailors media campaigns to encourage your audience to talk positively about your story.

We are set apart from other Pr agencies by our knack of finding the perfect balance to impress editors while also delivering your message to full effect.

All coverage of your story is leveraged digitally to ensure it remains readily available online to those seeking products or services you provide well into the future.

Contact our public relations team today.

social media campaigns


Consumers are talking 24 hours a day on social media. If your brand is not part of the conversation, then why not?

Social media has become a key tool in driving sales for brands of all sizes everywhere.

People use social platforms to seek out opinions about products and services before finally making a decision to buy or not.

It’s important that your business has a strong presence in that space and that’s where our social experts can help.

We craft and source original, relevant and shareable content that is always on message with your brand.

By helping brands engage through social media, we help them build credibility within online communities, gain advocates and grow sales.



Our blogs are crafted to engage with and sustain the attention of your target market. Our Search engine optimisation (SEO) is always at the heart of our online content but is achieved in a subtle manner which entertains and educates thanks to our highly experienced content creators.

We remove the hassle from blogging – we do the work so you don’t have to.

crisis management


Dealing with PR crises badly is not good for sales growth. Thankfully we’re here to help.

From limiting a PR crisis to pre-empting situations that may be damaging to your businesses, we’ll steer you through the process.

Our crisis planning can ensure you can weather any media storm to maximum effect.


Are you looking for a PR company in Northern Ireland to help tell your story and spark the right conversations about your business?

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