Grofuse is offering free set up, online shopping software to retailers to help safeguard the health of customers, staff and businesses during the Covid-19 crisis, as the winter flu season looms.

Mercury Order was created by technology company Grofuse in an effort to promote social distancing and throw a lifeline to retail businesses amid the coronavirus chaos.

The Grofuse team responded to the pandemic outbreak with innovation by developing the new software as a service (SaaS) product to meet the needs of local independent retailers and communities, as demand surged for home delivery and click and collect services.

With the UK economy officially in recession and fears of further lockdowns, more independent retail stores are recognising the increasing need to take a plunge into online trading to help ‘future-proof’ their businesses.

According to the British Retail Consortium, more than half (50.7%) of all retail sales are now taking place online. E-commerce has, unsurprisingly, been forecast to grow by a third in 2020 – with little sign of returning to pre Covid-19 levels.


5 reasons retailers NEED Mercury Order now

  1. Increase customer retention and sales

Why use one method of selling, when you can use three? Incorporating click and collect and delivery services provides retailers with multiple revenue streams and a compelling competitive advantage. While you may have a loyal base of customers already, it can be hard to acquire new customers and keep them coming back.

A recent study found that a 5% increase in customer retention can account for up to a 75% increase in profits.

  1. Stay ahead of competitors

Developing a competitive advantage enables independent retailers to compete against retail giants for a fraction of the cost of developing their own online ordering/shopping system.

Providing your customers with the convenience to order online and have products delivered to their doorstep gives them more reason to buy from you. Rapidly increase your sales, customer intake and customer retention rate, all at the same time.

Mercury Order allows small, local retailers to compete with the retail giants for a small fraction of the cost of developing their own in-house ordering systems.

It levels the playing field with the big operators for local independent stores.

  1. Simple set-up

Mercury Order gives your customers fast and easy online ordering with minimum set-up time and investment.

To get started simply login and set-up a fully customised store in less than an hour. Products can be instantly uploaded in bulk via spreadsheet or through your inventory system.

Mercury Order Retail can have retailers selling online on the same day as signing up, with easily customised customer interfaces for each respective retail offering. It can be easily integrated into existing websites to offer fast and easy ordering for your customers.

  1. Free set up with no hidden charges or upfront costs

This allows retailers to quickly adapt to the disrupted market, fees are paid on a commission of sales and are reduced in line with increased sales.

It’s risk free and retailers can avail of the service completely free until they sell – even then, Mercury Order fees as percentage of sales  are much lower than those charged for the use of more generic online selling systems that are not tailored specifically for small independent retailers.

A free marketing pack is also provided to help retailers promote their new online offering and gain traction for their online store.

  1. Easy to implement and manage

Product details such as recommended retail price, sale price, categories and more can be easily edited as required.

The online store dashboard clearly displays the orders placed, deliveries pending and collections due. Customise your store by uploading your logo, corporate colours, home page images, business information and shop or warehouse locations.

Retailers and wholesalers are now facing potential further lockdowns with winter queues, facemask requirements in-store, frustrated shoppers and endangered staff – having been slow to invest in growing their online presence.

Stabilise your retail business today retailer wholesaler retail

These are some of the many reasons that retailers need Mercury Order right now. Would you like to stabalise your retail business in this time of uncertainty using superfast, easy to use and cost-effective e-commerce?

Contact our team at Mercury Order today to request a free demo today.

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