Is your business being easily found online? Do you want to learn the essentials of how to ensure it is in 2018?

Reaching the top (or close to it) can mean the difference between huge business growth online and stagnation.

Achieving high rankings on Google would mean increased traffic to your site, boosted brand visibility, and the potential to maximise your sales and leave your competitors behind.

Who is it for

Owner-managers, sales and marketing managers, and business leaders with a website or other online presence, who seek effective solutions in Search Engine Optimisation to attract new business and grow sales.

Who is it by

This essential workshop will be facilitated by digital marketing specialist Denis Finnegan and content/PR specialist Ian Cullen from digital agency Grofuse.

What’s the benefit

Attendees will learn SEO skills and behaviours which are proven to increase Google rankings.

This workshop will guide you through some of the Grofuse team’s tested strategies with companies from Belfast to Cork and Dublin to Galway. The workshop will explore tips to help take your website to the top.

What: How to rank number one on Google

Where: Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, 16 Bishop Street, Derry-Londonderry

When: Wednesday, February 21, 10am-12pm

How: Admission £20 (non-members £30); Register online at or call +44 (0)28 71 262 379.