About Grofuse

We’re here to help you grow your business – if we can’t deliver what you need, we’ll tell you upfront.

Why We Deliver For You

We are results focused, but don’t most agencies tout that these days? To put a little backbone on that clichéd statement, our focus is on delivering results by always sticking by our values of providing clear and reliable communication, strong customer empathy, employing the right expertise for the job and mastering the latest technologies.
Our fanbase continues to grow one client at a time because of the great results we help them achieve and equally because of how we go about achieving them.

How We Deliver For You

Our qualified marketing and analytics experts work hand in hand with our UX and UI designers, web developers, software specialists to create the perfect growth packages for our clients.
We always ensure that we fully understand our clients goals and objectives as well as gaining full insight into their target audiences. All decisions and plans we create are based on research and data.

What’s Our Story

Grofuse was forged in an office space named after William Scott – one of Irish history’s true innovators and a figure whose ethos we share. Scott was the founding father of the shirt making tradition that thrust the North West of Ireland on to the world stage of industry.
He had a global vision. He understood the needs of his customers and was dedicated to clear communication with them. He believed in recruiting the right expertise to deliver the best possible product. These traditional values in business are ones which we share at Grofuse upon which the company was founded by directors Denis Finnegan and Ian Cullen, in Derry-Londonderry.
Today building software innovations, developing online platforms and crafting creative digital media is to Ireland what state-of-the-art shirt making was to the North West in the 19th century.

Denis, a fully qualified marketer, is a co-founder of Grofuse. He is an SEO and Google Ads management specialist but offers sound insight and growth consultation advice on all aspects of marketing for business.

Denis has worked with clients across the UK and Ireland to deliver highly successful lead generation marketing campaigns, growing sales and market share for his clients. He was awarded Invest NI Sales & Marketing Person of the Year 2006.

A former journalist and communications adviser to several senior political figures, Ian is co-founder of Grofuse.

His career as a staff journalist spanned 13 years at Derry Journal Newspapers/Johnston Press and formerly Mirror Group, working as a freelancer for major titles such as Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish News amongst many others. He also has significant experience in broadcast journalism as a regular newspaper reviewer and contributor to BBC Radio Foyle and other independent radio stations.

Ian manages the strategic planning and execution of successful content and PR campaigns for a range of corporate clients across digital and traditional media.

Proud Member Of The Northern Ireland Chamber

Grofuse is delighted to be a member of the NI Chamber of Commerce. It is great to be part of this well-respected organisation renowned for delivering positive change throughout Northern Ireland.

Certified Google Partner

As a Certified Google Partner, Grofuse is recognised for maximising Google Ads’ campaign success on behalf of our clients, which means we drive client growth through expert campaign management techniques, skills and expertise.

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