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Maximising Return From Public Spending With Marketing Campaigns That Deliver

Strategic, well-planned campaigns can help drive inward investment, support local economic growth, improve community relations and boost public engagement.

Our public sector expertise, knowledge and understanding has been built over years of working with public sector organisations.

We understand some of the biggest challenges you face: ensuring efficient use of taxpayers’ money, striving for continuous improvement, and delivering the maximum value to citizens and their communities. And we always take the right steps to ensure these challenges met.

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy

We partner with your team to create strategic plans that achieve your goals and deliver operational efficiencies. We concentrate on the greatest opportunities to increase your return on investment and ensure you gain a competitive advantage.


We set you apart from your competitors in the market. The Grofuse creative team develops, from scratch, attention-grabbing brands which reflect your vision, mission and purpose – including logo variations, colour palettes, typography, voice, tone, and more.

Website Design and

We transform your brand into a visual story through eye-catching creative design while building your fully functional website to engage with your customers as a high performing marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing 

We engage with your existing target audiences and reach new customers on various platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our team will manage ongoing organic posts and create winning promotional content while optimising paid advertising campaigns for maximum return.

Public Relations and
Content Marketing

We ensure your message is delivered loud and clear by making your stories matter to your target audiences. Your message will stand out among those of your competitors, both in subtle presentation and specially targeted placement in digital or traditional media.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is crucial for your website, whether your objectives are to share important information, promote services or attract the public’s attention. By improving your quality and quantity of website traffic, we will ensure you are found by users in Search Engine Results Pages.

Case Studies

Utilising various expert marketing services, it is no surprise that e-commerce businesses choose us to help accelerate digital transformation, increase sales and grow their market share.

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