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Consent Statement for Admin Access Request

Thank you for requesting administrator access to this WordPress website which is managed by Grofuse. Please note that before any admin access can be granted, you (the client) must acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Shared Responsibility: You understand that granting admin access to other individuals can potentially compromise the security, stability, and functionality of the website. Grofuse will take care of security measures, updates, and overall website functioning. However, by obtaining admin access, you share the responsibility for the safe use of these privileges.
  2. Charges for Errors/Issues: In the event that errors or issues occur on the website during the period of your admin access, you agree to be charged at the full developer hourly rate of Grofuse for the time spent rectifying the problem. This charge will apply regardless of whether the errors or issues were caused directly or indirectly by your actions.
  3. Limited Scope: Your admin access is provided solely for the purpose of specific tasks or responsibilities as agreed upon with Grofuse. Any usage beyond the agreed scope without prior authorisation may result in immediate revocation of admin privileges and/or incur additional charges.

4. Confidentiality: You agree to maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information, data, or intellectual property related to the website that you may have access to during your admin access period. You will not disclose, share, or misuse this information in any way.

5. Duration of Access: Your admin access will be granted for a specified period, as agreed upon between you and Grofuse. After the agreed-upon period, your admin privileges will be revoked unless an extension is approved in writing by Grofuse..