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You can count on our experienced software development team to deliver secure, scalable and flexible software solutions that you are in full control of.

Our Process

We follow a simple step by step process to deliver your
software solutions


Detailed Discovery

The discovery phase is the foundation for the development of your software solution. It is the initial research stage where we take a deep dive into the problems you want to solve, and the needs, wants and desires of your target audience/end users.

This is where we clarify your project vision and goals, and identify any potential risks to ensure the optimum results are achieved for your end users. A thorough discovery phase is always completed before kicking off software project development.


Scope of Work Creation

The software development scope of work clearly defines the functionality and features that are to be agreed for inclusion in the project. In addition, this scope defines what the final product delivery will and will not include. Finally, your scope of work lists all criteria to make your project successful and clearly outlines how you’ll achieve this.


Assistance With Grant Funding

Our digital growth consultants can help you identify, source and apply for any relevant grant aid funding to support the development of your software. There are a number of grant aid opportunities currently available in Ireland and the UK to support software development. Speak to our experts today to find out if your plans are eligible for software development grant support.


Business Analysis

Our experts fully analyse your organisation’s relevant needs, the processes it currently uses, and the systems it employs. This information is then used to outline the business requirements needed to align a software business model to the work-in-progress software.


Development Stage

This is when our development experts convert product specifications and business requirements into code to shape the final product. In this stage, teams create software solutions based on design decisions. Finally, this stage is where teams implement the solution to meet the goals and objectives set by the software requirements gathering phase.


Testing and Deployment

Testing and quality assurance are built into our process right from the beginning. This step ensures that the software works properly and does what it was intended to do, as expected. The final stage of the software development cycle is the deployment phase. This allows the client to receive the final product in a production environment. As a result, the turnkey product is now ready for customers to use once deployed.


Aftercare and Evolution

Once live, our team will provide training and support to help you make the most of your new software and ensure you can assist end users with any queries. As with any software, it should evolve as your needs do and we are here to help with any improvements such as adding or removing features or functionalities to meet your needs.

Our Approach

Our agile development process allows us to effectively manage performance methodically, measure change control, mitigate against risks and resolve potential issues quickly. Being agile means working in a lightweight, highly responsive, and collaborative manner with our clients.

Problems We Solve

Ensure compliance with new regulations through technology

Create a new piece of software technology that automates compliance with new or existing legislation in your sector. Is there new legislation on the way for your sector that you need a digital solution for?

Automate processes to reduce paperwork and human errors

Create a new solution to improve efficiencies in your organisational processes. Go digital to cut down on time consuming paperwork or costly human error with fully transparent process management software.

Reduce labour costs and save time on manual processes

During the initial website discovery phase, your Grofuse Growth Consultant and marketing team will conduct research to assist your business to focus on different markets, and help identify the optimum paths for increasing success.

Improve customer experience and client retention

Create digital tools that improve your customers of experience of doing business with your organisation. We can help you conceive, design and build software that can helps you retain your customers for the long term.

Increase competitiveness through innovation

If there is a digital solution to your customer’s problem, you can be assured that your competitor will offer it, if you don’t. By innovating with high quality software solutions, your organisation will stay ahead of the game.

Managed Hosting & Maintenance

Once your website is ready, we can ensure it continues to run like a dream 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with our managed hosting services and maintenance agreement.

Our hosting services include various levels of support but, as standard, Grofuse Managed Hosting includes site updates (plugins, CMS updates, etc), server-side updates, security and backups, and SSL certificates.

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