Grofuse Elevates Automatic Fire’s Online Inquiries and Brand Image

Automatic has been providing all aspects of fire protection services across every sector of the economy throughout Ireland since 1981.

Wholly Irish-owned and managed, the company is Ireland’s only dedicated fire protection provider & fire engineering company.

Automatic is a dynamic and energetic customer-focused team dedicated to finding cost-effective and reliable solutions to meet the needs of their customers and their business objectives.

Their experienced fire engineering specialists investigate the feasibility of fire protection solutions to ensure they not only meet but exceed the needs of your projects before designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining your facility’s bespoke systems.

Results with Grofuse



Client Goals

Automatic is Ireland’s leading fire safety and integrated solutions company, based in Dublin. With more than 30 years’ experience in the fire engineering business, Automatic has worked with some of the world’s top 100 companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Glanbia, P&G, Coca Cola and Boots. They wanted to have their well-established reputation for excellence accurately reflected online.

Grofuse worked out how their story needed to be presented to help the company grow online enquiries and maintain relationships with existing clients. The site had to be carefully developed and placed front and centre to quickly impress website visitors.

What We Did

We designed, developed and delivered a digital acceleration solution for Automatic Fire. After our initial research, we quickly established the goals for this project. The first step was to design and develop a prototype for all devices prior to developing a website that would be a powerful sales tool to market to prospective clients.

Google analytics data and keyword research was carefully reviewed to ensure all objectives would be met and improve organic website traffic for a higher ranking.

Grofuse worked within the brand guidelines to design webpages and create visual assets with strong imagery. The architecture of the website was created to ensure a smooth flow of content for visitors to easily navigate the site.

The Result

The new website is visually captivating, sharper, faster and fully optimised for user experience, while also being highly effective at promoting the brand image and showcasing the reputable businesses Automatic has worked with. The website and improved online presence is attractive to the target audience on all devices. The combination of functionality and visual appeal ensures an exceptional user experience.

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