Grofuse Helps Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers to Achieve a 10X Boost in Lead Generation

Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers (BMIB) is an insurance brokerage firm based in Sligo that offers an extensive range of insurance policies to clients throughout Ireland.

Results with Grofuse




Client Goals

When they approached us, their website was outdated, hard to use, wasn't intuitive and in line with current standards and contemporary, modern design. BMIB needed a website redesign to increase online application form inquiries, enhance brand awareness, and advertise to increase website traffic and improve their conversion rate.

What We Did

Our team has managed many aspects of the company’s digital marketing strategy including website design, website development, ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, pay per click (PPC) advertising management, content and copy creation, creative print advertising design, and social media marketing to increase leads. While designing the website, the team implemented on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) so that Google could render it more effectively and the site would rank well organically on the search engines. The organic team and the creative team worked together to deliver consistent content to build a community online and brand awareness. We also introduced some new social channels, whilst also working with BMIB to ensure their ad creatives were optimised for conversions. The Grofuse team is still managing all the accounts with the creation of ongoing posts and advertising.

The Result

Prior to Grofuse, BMIB's website traffic had flatlined and word of mouth referral was the primary new business generator. By creating a visually stunning, superfast, functional website with expert menu navigation, we were able to significantly improve usability and overall user experience, which has helped catapult BMIB as a leader in the insurance industry. The results for the SEO strategy meant that each search result was focused on their targeted audiences. For people browsing new insurance suppliers, the new site has clear information about why they should choose BMIB as their broker. Each page navigation is designed to improve the user experience, helping visitors quickly find the information they need. This has resulted in a 37.07% increase in organic traffic over a trial three-month period.

Traffic increased across all metrics, with a continuous upward trajectory year-on-year, increasing by 104% since Grofuse became the digital growth partner of BMIB in 2019.

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