Building Business Trust: Meta Verified Program Extends to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

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In a move to empower businesses and strengthen their reputation Meta, the parent company behind popular social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, is expanding its groundbreaking Meta Verified program to include businesses across all three platforms. Originally developed to enhance the credibility and visibility of content creators, Meta Verified is now being utilised to support businesses. This expansion aims to provide businesses with the ability to authenticate their accounts, protect themselves against impersonation attempts, access support services and utilise features that can help them stand out on these influential social media platforms.

Paving the Way for Stronger Business Credibility

The expansion of Meta Verified for businesses begins with a testing phase on Instagram and Facebook. The company has plans in place to eventually extend this program to cover businesses on WhatsApp well. Businesses will have the opportunity to opt in for Meta Verified membership, which grants them access to a range of tools aimed at strengthening their presence and building trust with customers.

Main Features of Meta Verified

When businesses sign up for Meta Verified they can expect a range of features that will strengthen their presence on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp:

  1. Verified Badge: Businesses will receive a sought after checkmark to confirm the authenticity of their accounts. This checkmark serves as an indicator of trust for users.
  2. Protection Against Impersonation: Meta’s proactive monitoring system will work diligently to protect businesses from impersonation — providing brand security.
  3. Dedicated Account Support: Subscribers will have access to support services to ensure resolution of any account related issues.
  4. Enhanced Discoverability: On Instagram and Facebook, subscribers will enjoy improved visibility as Meta Verified businesses — ensuring placement in search results and recommendations.
  5. WhatsApp Enhancements: WhatsApp business subscribers will unlock premium features including the ability to create a customised WhatsApp page that can be found through web searches as multi device support, for efficient customer communication.

Tailored Subscription Packages

To cater to businesses of various sizes and requirements, Meta intends to offer a variety of subscription features. Small businesses in particular will find this subscription model extremely valuable as they strive to establish their brands and connect with customers. As the program progresses and Meta gathers insights, from the testing phase they intend to refine and expand their offerings further.

Pricing and Availability

Meta Verified for businesses will soon be available for purchase on Instagram and Facebook. The monthly subscription fee is set at $21.99 USD per Facebook page or Instagram account. For businesses interested in enhancing their presence on both platforms there is a combined subscription option for $34.99 USD per month. Testing for WhatsApp businesses will follow a pattern beginning with the WhatsApp Business app before extending to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Ensuring Security and Authenticity

When developing Meta Verified for businesses,l Meta places importance on security and authenticity. The verification process involves layers of checks to ensure that businesses fulfil eligibility requirements, verify their information accurately and demonstrate their connection to the business itself. This approach aims to instil confidence in businesses regarding brand protection while also ensuring users that verified businesses are indeed legitimate.

Why is this beneficial? 

To answer those questions, first we need to go in depth on what is Meta Verified, how it can help small businesses and what do you need for becoming a verified business?

1. What is Meta Verified for Businesses? Meta Verified for Businesses is a subscription service that enables businesses on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to verify their accounts. This verification is denoted by a checkmark to their account name, helping users distinguish them as legitimate entities.

2. What are the advantages of Meta Verified for Businesses? The benefits of opting for Meta Verified for Businesses include: a checkmark to the account name, which assists users in recognising the business as an authentic account, improved visibility in search results and recommendations, access to direct support from the platform and proactive measures taken towards protecting verified accounts.

3. How much does it cost to avail of Meta Verified for Businesses? The pricing details of Meta Verified for Businesses can be obtained through channels or, by reaching out. Meta Verified, for Businesses is priced at $21.99 per month per Facebook page or Instagram account, or $34.99 per month for both platforms.

4. How can businesses sign up for Meta Verified? Businesses can sign up for Meta Verified by visiting the Meta Verified website.

5. What are the eligibility requirements for Meta Verified for Businesses? To be eligible for Meta Verified for Businesses businesses must meet a few criteria. These include possessing a business licence or government issued identification, maintaining a website or social media presence that represents the business, and having a number of followers on either Instagram or Facebook.

6. What happens if a business application for Meta Verified is denied? In cases where a business application for Meta Verified is denied, the applicant will receive an email explaining the reason behind the denial.  Adjustments can then be made and applicants may reapply accordingly.


In conclusion, Metas commitment to improving business credibility and providing tools for businesses on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp through Meta Verified is an advancement in the ever-changing digital landscape. This expansion aims to simplify the process of identifying business accounts for users while enabling businesses to establish trust and thrive in the realm of social media. If you need any help with your social media for business, please feel free to contact us