Grofuse Launches a Visually Captivating, Fully Optimised Online Shop for Connemara Smokehouse

The Roberts family first adopted the centuries-old Irish tradition of smoking wild salmon in 1979. Since the 1990’s, when Graham and Saoirse took the reins, the family team has grown to include their children Amy, Keith, Ethan and Katie. It all started more than 40 years ago when John, a lifelong fisherman, and Bridget purchased an ‘Afos’ fish-smoking kiln – fondly dubbed ‘Old Smoky’.

The unique flavours created by Old Smoky – which was first commissioned in 1946 – and the Roberts family’s dedication to quality, helped the smokehouse become world-famous for producing the finest smoked fish.

Connemara Smokehouse is a multi award-winning company which has supplied some of the biggest names in fine food retail – including prestigious high street leaders such as Harrods and Fortnum and Mason. Having undergone some major surgery and enjoyed some tender loving care, ‘Old Smoky’ still has pride of place at the smokehouse.

Client Goals

The Roberts family has crafted the finest traditionally-smoked wild Atlantic seafood for more than 40 years on the rugged west coast of Ireland, but never before has their unique offering been so clearly communicated online.

With customers all over Europe and further afield, the Co Galway family sought to make their customer shopping experience simpler while showcasing the inspiring people, the idyllic place and the internationally renowned products of Connemara Smokehouse to maximum effect.

Graham and Saoirse Roberts, the owners of Connemara Smokehouse, wanted a complete redesign of their website while clearly communicating their wealth of knowledge in traditional smoking methods, effectively telling their story and increasing sales of their high-quality, high-end seafood delicacies.

Following thorough meetings with the client to comprehend a great sense of what their desired outcome would be, the Grofuse team developed ideas and discussed and modified these with Graham and Saoirse to ensure an agreed direction. The team then set about implementing the solutions identified to help Graham and Saoirse achieve their vision.

What We Did

Connemara Smokehouse’s website and online shop has been transformed.

The new website is visually captivating, sharper, faster and fully optimised for user experience, while also being highly effective at telling the brand story.

The Result

Graham suggests that the Grofuse team’s dedication to its values of customer empathy, clear communication, and use of the right skills and the right tools for the best job, were integral to the delivery of the perfect product.

He says: “It’s so important to work with somebody that understands what drives you and implement that in your website. If they don’t understand it, Grofuse care enough to figure why and reach a solution.

“We met with the whole team at Grofuse and everyone got a great sense of what direction to take things, formulated a plan, came back with ideas, tweaked a few things and then went to work.

“The result is a website that we are proud of, and so too are Grofuse. Not only do we now have our website up and running but we have a relationship with the team at Grofuse built on trust, patience and understanding. We are really looking forward to working with them going forward. We feel that our online presence is in safe hands and will grow from strength to strength while still respecting the values behind who we are and what we do.

“We are aware of how fussy we are and how much we want things to be right, so it is really important to work with a company such as Grofuse that understands and respects that."

"I am happy to recommend Grofuse to anyone that is looking to either build a new website, refresh their old one or even just try to improve their online presence"

Graham Roberts

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