It’s so important to work with somebody that understands what drives you and implement that in your website. Grofuse care enough to figure why and reach a solution. We met with the whole team at Grofuse and everyone got a great sense of what direction to take things, formulated a plan, came back with ideas, tweaked a few things and then went to work.

The result is a website that we are proud of, and so too are Grofuse. Not only do we now have our website up and running but we have a relationship with the team at Grofuse built on trust, patience and understanding. We are really looking forward to working with them going forward. We feel that our online presence is in safe hands and will grow from strength to strength while still respecting the values behind who we are and what we do.

I am happy to recommend Grofuse to anyone that is looking to either build a new website, refresh their old one or even just try to improve their online presence.