Grofuse Boosts Dairy Direct’s Online Presence for Greater Reach and Sales

Founded in 2011, Dairy Direct is committed to bringing top-tier products, advanced technology, and expert knowledge to dairy farmers, ensuring superior milk quality. Specialising in controlling on-farm bacteria counts (TBC’s, SCC’s, Thermodurics, and TCM’s), Dairy Direct has built a strong offline presence with over 2,000 farmer customers who regularly order products through a well-managed telesales system using a CRM. Despite this success, Dairy Direct recognised the need to enhance their online presence to appeal to a new generation of farmers and stay competitive in the evolving market.

Client Goals

Dairy Direct approached Grofuse with the objective of creating a new website that would enhance their brand visibility and effectively represent their products and services. The primary goal was to increase brand awareness by creating a professional online presence that accurately reflects Dairy Direct’s market expertise. They aimed to generate new leads by attracting farmer customers through improved online visibility and a user-friendly experience. Boosting sales was also crucial, with a focus on facilitating online transactions while maintaining their strong telesales model for existing customers. Additionally, Dairy Direct wanted to showcase their range of dairy hygiene products and highlight why customers should choose them over traditional suppliers. Future-proofing the business was essential, requiring the integration of Google Shopping feeds and Facebook Pixel to appeal to a younger, tech-savvy audience. All these efforts were aimed at ensuring the website would attract new customers and support the company’s growth plans.

What We Did

Grofuse undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Dairy Direct’s digital strategy and online presence, implementing the following key actions:


Website Design: Created a modern, sleek, and minimalistic website design that reflects Dairy Direct’s credibility, expertise, and market leadership. The new design ensures a clean and clear user experience, appealing to both existing and potential customers.


E-commerce Integration: Implemented a WooCommerce platform to enable online sales directly through the website. This included setting up product pages, shopping cart functionality, and a streamlined checkout process supported by Stripe payments.


Enhanced Functionality: Added plugins such as Mailchimp for email marketing and YITH feed to support Google Shopping and enhance the online shopping experience.


Content Management System: Developed a robust content management system (CMS) that allows for easy updates and management of product information, ensuring the site remains current and informative.


Lead Generation Tools: Integrated form features to capture leads and facilitate customer inquiries, ensuring prompt and effective communication with potential clients.


Brand and Product Showcasing: Created dedicated sections to highlight Dairy Direct’s brand profile, unique selling propositions (USPs), and a well-organised product range. The content balanced information on why customers should choose Dairy Direct with practical advice and detailed product information.


SEO and Marketing Integration: Ensured the site was optimised for search engines and integrated with Google Shopping feeds and Facebook Pixel, enhancing Dairy Direct’s digital marketing capabilities and reach.

The Result

The new Dairy Direct website successfully addressed all the client’s goals, providing a professional and user-friendly online presence. The website effectively showcased Dairy Direct’s mission, expertise, and comprehensive product range, enhancing brand credibility and awareness. The integration of lead generation tools and SEO strategies attracted new farmer customers searching online, driving traffic and inquiries. The WooCommerce platform and seamless user experience facilitated online sales, catering to both existing and new customers. With the integration of Google Shopping feeds and Facebook Pixel, Dairy Direct is well-positioned to attract younger, tech-savvy farmers and stay competitive in the digital marketplace. While supporting online sales, the website also complemented Dairy Direct’s strong telesales model, ensuring existing customers continued to receive personalised service.

The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, leaving a 5-star review for the Grofuse team.

"Great service from the first interaction with Denis and the team at Grofuse to the end of the process. Now delighted with our new look website."

Kathryn Kenneally, Dairy Direct

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