Easy Customs Gets 10 Times Return on Ads with Grofuse

Easy Customs was established in 2020 with a mission to meet the surge in demand created by Brexit in the UK and Ireland. Over three years, they have witnessed rapid growth and expansion, and now they boast an extensive network of agents spread across Europe.

Results with Grofuse




Client Goals

Easy Customs needed to establish themselves as a reputable customs clearance company in the competitive UK market. To position themselves as a trustworthy company for customs clearance and generate cost-effective leads, Easy Customs partnered with Grofuse. Leveraging a comprehensive suite of services, including content creation, SEO, design, web development, digital marketing, and software solutions, Grofuse worked closely with Easy Customs to achieve their growth objectives. We were tasked with enhancing their online presence, optimising their website, and developing effective Google Ads campaigns to generate qualified leads.

What We Did

Our team at Grofuse worked closely with Conall, the owner of Easy Customs, to understand their needs and goals in terms of quality of customers and type of business. We began by conducting an in-depth discovery process to gain a thorough understanding of Easy Customs’ needs and goals. With this knowledge, we developed a comprehensive strategy to address their challenges and drive growth.

Grofuse planned, designed, and developed a new website optimised for user experience and search engines. By enhancing the website’s structure, content, and functionality, we aimed to increase organic traffic and improve lead generation potential.

We conducted extensive keyword research and implemented on-page and technical SEO optimisations. By improving their search engine rankings and visibility, Easy Customs gained a competitive edge and attracted targeted traffic to their website.

Our team designed highly effective Google Ads campaigns tailored to generate a minimum of 12 qualified leads per month. We carefully crafted ad copy, targeted relevant keywords, and optimised bidding strategies to maximise ROI and drive conversions.

The Result

Easy Customs witnessed substantial growth with the assistance of Grofuse. Our team worked tirelessly to implement a comprehensive strategy that utilised various services to drive their success. Through content creation, SEO optimisation, design services, web development, digital marketing, and software solutions, we were able to transform Easy Customs' online presence and generate great results. The combination of these services resulted in a 10X return on ad spend, conversions up by 163.23%, and a significant 48.05% cost per conversion down.

Our team continues to manage Easy Customs' monthly lead generation efforts, fine tuning our approach to stay ahead of changing market trends and customer preferences. As a result of our efforts, Easy Customs now receives between 18-30 qualified leads per month.

Conall, the owner of Easy Customs, was thrilled with the results and expressed his gratitude by providing us with a testimonial highlighting our exceptional service and ability to deliver on our promises.

We have worked with the Grofuse team for nearly 3 years now. We have always found their service offering first class. Prior to working with them we tried managing google ads ourselves. Google employees arranged monthly catch ups with us. However we found that all they actually recommended was to increase budget. Grofuse helped us increase the number of leads whilst halving the google ads costs! put simply if you want to use google ads you need to speak with this company.

Conall Dunne, Easy Customs

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