Easy Customs - Case Study

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Easy Customs

Easy Customs was established in 2020 with a mission to meet the surge in demand created by Brexit in the UK and Ireland. Over three years, they have witnessed rapid growth and expansion, and now they boast an extensive network of agents spread across Europe.

What They Wanted

Easy Customs, a customs clearance company based in Ireland, looking to expand their business into the UK market. Our team at Grofuse worked closely with Conall, the owner of Easy Customs, to understand their needs and goals in terms of quality of customers and type of business.

What We Did

After conducting a thorough discovery process, we determined that Easy Customs needed to position themselves as a trustworthy company for customs clearance and develop a cost-effective lead generation strategy to drive revenue.

We identified several areas for improvement in their online presence, including their website and Google Ads campaigns.

To address these issues, we planned, designed, and developed new websites for their UK and Ireland markets that were optimised for users and search engines to increase organic traffic.

Additionally, we designed highly effective Google Ads campaigns to generate a minimum of 12 qualified leads per month.

The Result

Our team's dedication and hard work paid off as Easy Customs witnessed a substantial increase in qualified leads each month. By implementing a comprehensive strategy that included website redesign, optimisation for search engines, and targeted Google Ads campaigns, we were able to position Easy Customs as a trustworthy company for custom clearance and develop a cost-effective lead generation strategy to drive revenue.

Our team continues to manage Easy Customs' monthly lead generation efforts, fine tuning our approach to stay ahead of changing market trends and customer preferences. As a result of our efforts, Easy Customs now receives between 18-30 qualified leads per month.

Conall, the owner of Easy Customs, was thrilled with the results and expressed his gratitude by providing us with a testimonial highlighting our exceptional service and ability to deliver on our promises. Our team takes pride in helping our clients achieve their business objectives and is committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed their expectations.

"I have worked with Grofuse for over two years, Denis and Ian are so knowledgeable, they turn projects around quickly and without fuss. Grofuse is my 'go to' digital agency!"

Conall Dunne

Easy Customs

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