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Grofuse is inviting business leaders to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) masterclass designed to drive more paying customers to their websites.

Leading SEO specialist Denis Finnegan, from digital marketing agency Grofuse, will deliver the unique workshop entitled ‘Effective SEO To Win More Customers’ on Tuesday, March 23.

Mr Finnegan, who has been a leading digital marketer working with businesses across Ireland and further afield for more than a decade will outline key actions to boost Google rankings in order to increase sales.

Grofuse SEO Masterclass Webinar

Mr Finnegan, says: “This new workshop has been developed by Grofuse to help business owners and marketing managers optimise for searcher intent and inspire long-term SEO thinking.

“We’ll discuss how ranking for relevant searches is becoming more important than just ranking for keyword phrases.

“We will guide attendees through some of the Grofuse team’s tested strategies to determine customer intent in keyword research. We’ll explain why this is vital for thinking long-term about SEO in order to maximise sales and comfortably leave your competitors behind,” he says.

Mr Finnegan adds: “By correctly employing the tactics employed by our team at Grofuse, businesses have increased sales dramatically – often doubling and even tripling revenue. “This workshop will equip attendees with the know-how to kick-start similar dramatic growth for their own businesses.”

Denis Finnegan is Digital Director for Grofuse, a leading full-service digital agency that combines digital marketing, PR, web development, web design, graphic design, motion design and content management to fuel business growth. He is also co-founder of entertainment booking platform, bookentertainment.co.uk

Webinar Details

To register email [email protected] or contact Grofuse today on +353 1 247 5294

Masterclass: ‘Effective SEO to Win More Customers’
When: Tuesday, March 23, 11.00-11.45am
Fee: €45 (excluding VAT) per delegate.