Grofuse client’s revenue rises 6% as strategy is re-evaluated for the changed business landscape

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During this period of chaos and uncertainty, it is important to audit and re-evaluate your paid advertising strategy to reflect the transformed business landscape.

Grofuse clients have experienced growth in a time of economic downturn for many businesses. Through encouraged strategic changes and adaptability while improving their online presence, businesses have flourished during this crisis.

Denis Finnegan, Digital Director at Grofuse, said: “One of the key areas to consider is your budget and its allocation.

“We recently audited an existing client’s Google Ads account to find areas which we could improve during the lockdown environment.

“Our client was already receiving a very good return on ad spend of €7.89 (for every €1 they spent, they received €7.89 in revenue).

“While this account was performing well, we knew there were areas for improvement. As we delved deeper into the data, we realised that certain campaigns weren’t performing as well as they were prior to Covid-19, while other campaigns were performing better than ever.”

The Grofuse team also noted that certain ad-copy and extensions were no longer relevant.

Such as the visit our store call to action button, where this is no longer appropriate. This was changed to reflect the current situation. With a simple change in ad copy, a slight increase in budget and prioritising higher converting campaigns, this increased the clients return by over 6%.

Mr Finnegan said: “As we focus on improving client’s sales through digital methods and with the acceleration in the adoption of technology during this time – it has never been more relevant for businesses to focus on their digital strategies, as the results have shown”.

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