Grofuse Helps Launch NTI’s Revolutionary New App for Autism and ADHD Support

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Grofuse is honoured to help Northern Ireland entrepreneur Jude Morrow, an autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, in launching a new app designed exclusively to support autistic and ADHD adults and children.

Neurodiversity Training International’s (NTI) ‘Endee Sphere™’ app is the first of its kind globally and provides a supportive environment for autistic and ADHD individuals and parents of children with autism.

The Grofuse team has supported NTI in elevating its online presence with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including bespoke website creation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and the development of a web content strategy that centres on emotional storytelling and educational resources.

Featured in Forbes Magazine for his global impact, Jude’s passion for neurodiversity advocacy and creating a supportive environment for autistic and ADHD individuals has garnered international recognition.

The Derry native has always been a trailblazer in the neurodiversity field. Now, with the launch of ‘Endee Sphere’ via the new NTI website built by Grofuse, he is once again making headlines and revolutionising the way neurodiverse individuals and families connect and learn. The visionary app facilitates an inclusive and empowering community where individuals can connect, learn, and find much-needed support.

As an autistic individual himself, Jude Morrow faced the struggles and challenges of growing up without the necessary support and role models. His journey encouraged him to create a nurturing platform that fosters positivity, understanding, and a sense of belonging.


How Endee Sphere was Inspired

Inspired by a heartfelt conversation with a Dublin mother who had paid a staggering £8,000 for her two children’s eight-week autism support course, Jude was determined to create a better resource that offers consistent and ongoing support for life. Thus, ‘Endee Sphere’ was born, providing a nurturing environment where individuals can connect, learn, and thrive without breaking the bank.

Jude explained: “A mother came up to me at an event and told me she had booked a group coaching programme delivered via zoom for one hour a week over eight weeks for her two boys at a cost of £8,000.

“I said how about I support you and both your children, and maybe even their children, for their entire lifespans for the same price or less, offering advice from global experts, a sense of belonging, and the peace of mind that you always have support available. Would you buy it?’ She said ‘yes’, and the ‘Endee Sphere’ journey began.”

Jude and the NTI team were delighted with the new website, digital marketing expertise, and high levels of personalised customer service received from the Grofuse team. 

“Grofuse massively exceeded all our expectations. No ask was too big or too small. The team was brilliant to deal with — keeping us informed all the way. Highly Recommended. Thank you Grofuse.”

Grofuse Digital Director, Denis Finnegan, said: “Through a collaborative effort, Neurodiversity Training International’s digital presence has been revolutionised, providing understanding, support, and empowerment to individuals, and creating inclusive environments that celebrate neurodiversity.

“The partnership between Grofuse and NTI exemplifies the power of transformative digital marketing strategies in fostering positive change for organisations driven by a noble cause.”


About Endee Sphere

‘Endee Sphere’ offers an array of features to enhance the lives of its users. Live weekly classes, led by professional experts and individuals with lived experiences from across the globe, cover diverse topics like understanding neurodiversity and practical strategies for managing challenges.

The app’s all-encompassing social feed connects like-minded individuals, encouraging meaningful discussions, advice sharing, and mutual support.

The app also offers dedicated social groups for parents and ‘Endee’ adults, where experiences can be shared, advice exchanged, and a sense of community flourishes.

With the abundance of resources and support at their fingertips, people with autism or ADHD need never feel isolated or unsupported again.

To join the Neurodiversity Learning and Support space free for 30 Days, visit