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There has been much hype about online shopping during 2020 and 2021 while the country has been in lockdown, but what are the facts and what’s fiction?

If you are a business trading online in Ireland, then you will almost certainly have been a winner in lockdown as there was an increase of 6 percentage points in people switching to online shopping. Even more so if you trade in the clothing, footwear and textiles, medical and cosmetic, or pharmaceutical sectors. (Source:

Changes in consumer behaviours that we saw emerging – even before the pandemic – have accelerated and continue to change and evolve. How will organisations mitigate against rapid change and remain competitive digitally for what is and will continue to be new territory for many? A prime example of success through the implementation of a robust digital marketing strategy is Grofuse client, Southeast Wetsuits – and how that business has grown exponentially in the past eighteen months.

Business Growth Selling Online

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Owner of Southeast Wetsuits, Ed Lawler, said: “Due to lockdown and an increase in demand to go outside in the water, we have seen a significant shift in customers going online. While our online sales have been growing annually at 20%, over the last year, we have seen growth as high as 800%.

“Southeast Wetsuits had a very strong online presence, but with strategic advice from Grofuse, we invested more in Google Ads and optimising the site to increase our organic traffic. This has helped us to be easily found by this increased market searching online. We have also invested in our epos system and new staff to ensure that we get products out as quickly as they are ordered to improve customer satisfaction with our brand. This has led to increased customer loyalty. As we are 100% Irish owned company, we ensure this message is portrayed through our messaging.

“The biggest challenge overall has been in securing stock to accommodate demand. Over the last year, we have increased our suppliers and purchasing budget to include household brands Osprey and O’Neills while introducing very affordable brands such as Sola and Bestway.

“As long as we maintain a high level of customer experience and our digital marketing activities, we are confident we can grow Southeast Wetsuits into the number one homegrown surf shop in Ireland.”

What Can We Expect For The Future Of Online?

No one can predict the future; however the stats are speaking for themselves. Mobile phone usage is rising year-on-year, with 90% of the Irish population having access to a smartphone – higher than the European average – and users checking their devices 57 times a day. This shows that the opportunity to push information into a customer’s hand is high. It stands to reason – and has been proven – that when they are given the information they need when they need it, consumers are much more likely to purchase online.

What will the impact be on online shopping now that the economy has opened up again? What will the impact of the Indian variant of Covid-19 have on our way of life? There is lots of uncertainty, but about one thing you can be sure and that is you can get your business to trade online quickly and with no upfront investment.

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