Grofuse’s Strategic Support Propels HR Team to a 30% Performance Surge

Led by directors, Chartered FCIPD Breda Cullen and Operational HR specialist Martina McAuley, HR Team is the fastest growing HR consultancy service operating across Northern Ireland and the UK. HR Team has cemented its position as the go-to HR Consultancy for organisations with operations in Northern Ireland. The company’s expertise in the differing employment law requirements of NI, UK, and ROI have made it a trusted partner for many clients with cross border interests.

Results with Grofuse


Client Goals

HR Team approached Grofuse to manage all of its online and offline marketing, public relations, website development and to digitise the firm’s client management system with software innovation.

They needed a new website and to be easily found online within their markets by their target industries. The company also needed to communicate their message effectively to grow brand awareness and generate enquiries.

What We Did

Grofuse implemented a strategic marketing plan to drive year-on-year online sales growth for HR Team. The following solutions were executed to tackle their challenges and realise their growth objectives:

Digital Strategy:
Website Redesign: We conducted extensive customer persona research, market analysis, and competitor analysis to inform the website redesign process. Leveraging our UX design expertise, we crafted an optimised website that streamlined the customer journey, enhancing user experience and facilitating browsing and purchases.

SEO Optimisation: Our team developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, encompassing keyword research, on-page optimisation, and technical SEO enhancements. By improving HR Team’s online visibility in search engine results, we aimed to attract organic web traffic and enhance brand discoverability.

Revitalised PPC Campaigns: Grofuse transformed HR Team’s PPC campaigns through fresh content, revised ad copy, and targeted tactics, maximising the effectiveness of their PPC investments and yielding valuable returns.


PR Strategy:
Sustained PR Campaigns: HR Team benefited from sustained PR campaigns spanning digital and traditional media, elevating their presence and credibility within the industry.

Thought Leadership and Press Releases: We positioned HR Team and its senior personnel as thought leaders by providing insights on significant news items related to employment law and performance management, featured in local and national media across online, print, and broadcast platforms.

Blogging for Thought Leadership: Regular blogging reinforced HR Team’s thought leadership in the industry, complementing digital marketing efforts.

Effective Social Media Management: We managed HR Team’s social media platforms to amplify brand awareness across Ireland and offer enhanced customer service.

Unified Branding: We ensured consistent and visually appealing design across all marketing collateral, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, and business cards.

The Result

Through a comprehensive digital transformation led by Grofuse, HR Team achieved a notable 30% increase in overall performance. This transformative journey included the development of a user-friendly and responsive website, audience-centric content creation, custom graphics for clear communication, geographical targeting for three jurisdictions, a robust SEO strategy, and intent-driven marketing campaigns.

In parallel, sustained PR efforts, thought leadership positioning, blogging, and effective social media management bolstered HR Team's credibility and brand awareness. This multifaceted approach resulted in substantial growth, establishing HR Team as a trusted HR consultancy across Northern Ireland and the UK while navigating complex employment law landscapes and generating a surge in inquiries and brand recognition.

The experience and expertise of Grofuse have been invaluable to HR Team's growth in recent years. They provide the whole package - from our website, digital marketing and PR to increase brand awareness and drive sales, to building a bespoke software solution which has really streamlined how our team works and collaborates in-house. The guys are always available when we need them, they answer our questions when we ask them, and most importantly they really understand both our goals and our clients' needs. Grofuse has played an integral role in our development.

HR Team

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