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What Is IR35? 

The new IR35 legislation was introduced on April 6, 2021. This legislation closes a loophole that prevents certain contractors and freelancers from paying less tax than employees on payroll.

If you are a genuine contractor, you could be at risk of being classed as an employee, therefore receiving an unfair tax hit or losing your contract altogether. To mitigate this risk, you must be able to prove that you are an independent contractor.

How To Avoid IR35 

To prove that you are in business on your own account and avoid being penalised by the IR35 legislation, HM Revenue And Customs (HMRC) may require evidence that you are genuinely a freelance worker – not an employee of your client. Investing in advertising such as a website is the most effective way to prove this. Additionally, you are safeguarding your business by increasing brand awareness, customer queries, contracts and income.

How To Avoid IR35

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How Grofuse Can Help You Prove That You Are An Independent Contractor

1. Invest In Your Own Marketing 

You must be able to demonstrate that you actively market your contracting services. Having a website to promote your services indicates that you are in business on your own account. Not only is this the most effective method to prove you are not liable to be subjected to IR35 tax legislation, but bringing your business online increases your customer reach and income streams.

Did you know that 97% of consumers go online to find a local business or local services? With the rapid digitalisation spurred by the pandemic, it is increasingly crucial to remain competitive by establishing an online presence.

2. Keeping Records Of Client Correspondence

If you have emails or written communications that clearly state you are not under the control of management at the business and only contracted to provide a service, this can be used as evidence to prove you are an independent worker. Our contact form – inclusive of the website package – can maintain data of all inquiries to prove this.

3. Maintaining Multiple Clients At The Same Time

This is not always possible to arrange. However, if your time is divided between multiple clients, it is much harder for HMRC to claim you are an employee of any of them. Online customer touchpoints enable you to generate more leads and maintain multiple contracts.

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