Lynch Windows Achieves a Streamlined Workflow and a Simplified Project Process

Lynch Windows Achieves a Streamlined Workflow and a Simplified Project Process

Lynch Windows is Ireland’s trusted, full-service provider of windows and doors for residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. Their products include a full range of windows, doors, components and accessories, including uPVC windows and doors, composite doors, sliding sash windows, Alu clad windows, aluminum windows, curtain wall systems, shop fronts, bi-fold doors and roof lights. All of their products and practices are guaranteed, independently certified and insured.

Results with Grofuse


Client Goals

Lynch Windows needed software to reduce administrative functions such as paperwork. This included enhancing and automating the way they performed client meetings, orders, manufacturing details, and shipping and fitting routines. Furthermore, the most significant factor they wanted to reduce was human error. Before they sought a software solution from Grofuse, their entire operating system was manual. This led to lots of paperwork, administrative functions, emails, phone calls, and back and forth between clients and management.

The way Lynch Windows wanted to improve its digital growth was by utilising software that would significantly enhance its workflow and increase the communication between themselves, their clients, fitters, manufacturers, transport technicians, and other essential team members.

Moreover, they wanted to enable clients to have a seamless communication channel with management for any callbacks or ill-fitted products, which otherwise took a lot of time and incurred plenty of costs to fix after a product was fitted into place. Glass is sensitive material, and they offer products for both commercial and domestic clients, which sometimes means creating, transporting, and fitting more oversized glass products prone to microdamage during the fitting process.

What We Did

The Grofuse team started the project by conducting a discovery interview and beginning the discovery phase. Next, the Grofuse team, Lynch Windows, created a software scope of work and started working on software designs to fit their needs and specifications. After the discovery phase, our management and development team collaborated with Lynch Windows during the entire software development process with frequent progress updates and client approvals.

The Grofuse management team identified that Lynch Windows had plenty of people involved in a project’s lifecycle, so they intended the software to be very simple. This requires plenty of colours and big buttons for all employed age groups. Moreover, the software was designed to follow the project’s progress with three status colours for a confirmation checklist: Red = not completed, Amber = in progress or error, and Green = Completed.

Each project for Lynch Windows is separated into progress panels where each task has to be greenlit before moving to the other progress panel. A project looks like a sequence of checklists – adding a new customer, taking their orders, providing quotations for customers, processing the order, proceeding with manufacturing, arranging transport, and sending a crew for fitting.

The checklist includes the following: •The main dashboard, • Customers pending orders, •Quotations, •Orders, • Fabrication list, • Transport list, • Fitting list, • User management

The Result

The Lynch Windows software development has led to an increased workflow and a simplified project process for taking orders, manufacturing, transporting and fitting domestic and commercial window products. The human error has been dramatically reduced, and each department of the process has to greenlight their work before they send it to the next stage down the checklist.

Clients can quickly get in touch with Lynch Windows and discuss changes or report mistakes before the fitting crew leaves the premises. In addition, every change in the checklist is timestamped for utmost transparency and fluidity.

The software that Grofuse developed makes the entire process from start to finish at a reliable place, which both clients and Lynch Windows team members from each department can access.

Grofuse’s service and the quality of their product are fantastic. We are delighted with our finished result. They have been great since day one, and they remain a friendly company and very helpful with updates and maintenance. Since we started using the software solution, our workflow has been much smoother, and each department functions like a well-fitted cog in a machine.

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