Mainline Food – Bridging Markets with Grofuse

Mainline Food, a sister company of Willows Ingredients, stands at the forefront of the distribution landscape in China. Specialising in raw ingredients for human nutrition, sports, and animal nutrition sectors, Mainline Food operates with a unique proposition — providing a European approach at Chinese-level pricing. With operations spanning across Europe and China, Mainline Food aims to bridge the gap in the market by offering Western service standards with Chinese efficiency. The company boasts over 17 years of on-the-ground market expertise, ensuring a robust approval and quality system that establishes trust in both reputation and supply chain. Mainline Food's mission revolves around maximising customer businesses by providing high-quality, competitively priced raw ingredients.

Client Goals

Mainline Food approached Grofuse with specific goals for their new website. First and foremost, the company wanted to clearly convey its connection as a sister company to Willows Ingredients. The website needed to highlight Mainline's experienced team in China, showcasing an understanding of the cultural nuances of doing business in the region. Furthermore, Mainline aimed to communicate that the rigorous quality control systems, synonymous with Willows, also applied to its supply sourcing, procurement, and distribution. They also wanted to showcase how they offer Chinese prices with a Western mentality, setting Mainline Food apart in the market.

What We Did

Grofuse embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revitalise Mainline Food’s online presence. The website was redesigned to serve as Mainline’s ‘shop window’, ensuring that customers and prospective buyers could easily understand its services and identify the unique selling point. The design incorporated a similar style to Willows Ingredients, reinforcing their sister company relationship. Key functionalities included an easy-to-navigate product range and a bilingual site in Mandarin and English to cater to the diverse audience. Grofuse also addressed Mainline’s need for increased brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement by developing a visually appealing and informative platform.

The Result

The project culminated in an outstanding outcome for Mainline Food. The new website serves as a compelling showcase, effectively conveying Mainline Food's position as a reliable distributor of raw ingredients. The bilingual site accommodates both English-speaking customers in Europe and Chinese suppliers, fostering trust and transparency. The new logo and brand guidelines, designed by Grofuse, align with Mainline's vision. The website not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, as reflected in their positive Google review. Mainline Food is now equipped with a powerful online presence, ready to foster brand awareness, generate inquiries, and drive overall sales growth.

We engaged Grofuse to build our new website for Mainlinefood and with a very short time frame they have produced an excellent site, completely on brief. The team was a pleasure to work with, extremely efficient and thorough from start to finish. I highly recommend Grofuse. They also designed our new logo and delivered brand guidelines which we are delighted with. They listen.

Willows Ingredients

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