Manufacturers Should Prepare For Industry 4.0 With Effective Marketing Campaigns

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In 2021, manufacturing companies cannot overlook digital platforms that add value to their customers, as we prepare for the fourth industrial revolution, also known as ‘Industry 4.0’.

Denis Finnegan, director of Dublin-based digital marketing agency ‘Grofuse’ said: “Industry 4.0 is disruptive and if you don’t change, you may not survive. The longer you leave embracing transformation, then the harder it will be to stay competitive.

“Digital technologies are transforming the sector. This creates challenges, but also opportunities and businesses are best advised to adapt to sustain the industry in Ireland. Apart from emerging digital technologies, companies also need to embrace digital marketing.”

Mr Finnegan continued: “By investing in innovation, this can significantly increase the value of your product and/or services – they may have higher quality, faster production, or innovative designs. This is the key information that the customer is interested in and your marketing should be as great as your products and services. After such a significant investment, it is important not to decrease the value of your products and services through ineffective marketing.

“We have helped many manufacturing-based companies in Dublin and throughout Ireland to grow by creating effective digital strategies through the economic challenges of lockdowns. Now companies are best advised to keep adapting in order to be prepared for success amid further digital change.”

The manufacturing sector supports 227,000 jobs in Ireland. Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is positioning itself to evaluate and provide guidance on the adoption of digital technologies in the Irish industry.

“Many Irish companies are grappling with the concept of industry 4.0 and the value it may bring to them.. to move forward on their industry 4.0 journey in a way that improves to their key business metrics,” said IMR chief of operations Maurice O’Connell.

A Marketing Strategy For Your Industry 4.0 Business

Significant investments should always be communicated effectively through marketing activities, such as developments in your brand or through lead-generating campaigns.

Strategic online campaigns will help to promote improved business offerings that come with your investment, including a higher quality of products, increased income and enhanced productivity – leading to a highly competitive business.

Industry 4.0

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How Can Grofuse Help You Dominate Industry 4.0?

1. Create A Lead-Generating Website

Previously, a B2B industrial company did not necessarily need an e-commerce website. In general, retained clients have particular needs and very long sales cycles, and day-to-day business may have been carried out quite traditionally. However, the rapid digitalisation spurred by the pandemic and the imminent innovative changes we can expect over the next five years will bring some significant changes.

A simple showcase website is simply not good enough anymore. The majority of internet users systematically do their first search on the internet to find out who in the market can meet their needs. A website is a digital representation of your business. You must reflect this through a professional, fast and functional website optimised for mobile users.

2. Define Your Customers

In the B2B sector, it is typically not the number of leads that is important. It is the quality of potential clients. One conversion could represent a substantial part of your turnover. Therefore, it is essential that you present your products in a way that suits the client’s demands to optimise your conversion rate. In order to do this, you should define ‘personas’ in order to better target your customers.

Combined with the customer data that Grofuse can collect, these ‘personas’ will help you profile your clients and give them the right message at the right time and using the right channel.

3. Improved Ordering Systems

Offering your customers digital services that make their lives easier is the best way to improve your brand image and retain your customers. Many convenient features can be implemented on your website – such as an online ordering system, purchase history re-ordering options and improved user experience for smoother applications.

4. Advertising Campaigns

Our team offers a variety of services, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) campaigns, social media management and creative content creation. Our experts can align your marketing strategy with the digital expertise and consulting required to remain competitive during Industry 4.0. Our team continually monitors and reports, making improvements where needed in your marketing actions and campaigns.

Grofuse helps manufacturing businesses to establish an integrated digital platform that creates a sustainable competitive advantage. Are you prepared for Industry 4.0? Contact our team today for a free consultation: NI/GB +44 2871 228820 or ROI +353 1 247 5294. Alternatively, email: [email protected]