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Grofuse uses the most efficient process to plan, track, manage and oversee your website or other digital project’s progress for compelling results. Our team works using a forward-thinking ‘agile methodology’ – using agile boards, backlogs, roadmaps, reports, integrations and more – implemented through Jira software. This is a project internationally-trusted management tool that supports an agile methodology framework.

The Benefits Of Working With Jira

Jira allows managers to maintain improved control over the project, due to its transparency, feedback integration and quality-control features. The benefits of this include:

  • Improved project predictability

With increased visibility our team has the ability foresee potential blockers and implement effective mitigation plans. This also enables us to accurately establish timelines and plan to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

  • Increased flexibility

Agile methodology is implemented in every project for our team, this empowers Grofuse with unparalleled flexibility in contrast to traditional processes that are still used by many other digital marketers in particular.

  • Client satisfaction

In the agile framework, the client is always involved in the decision-making process. The improved productivity and efficiency of the team reflects throughout the customer journey. Grofuse has a very high client satisfaction rate as communication and client input throughout the process is key.

website design process

Website Design Process For Grofuse Clients 

1. Website Discovery And Web Brief Creation

This work involves the client completing our in-depth questionnaire and our growth consultant(s) condusting interviews in order to create a detailed website brief document, outlining the entire scope of work, user intent, keyword research, the roadmap for the project build and more. Essentially the Grofuse web brief drills down into all of the requirements to allow the creation a unique website architecture that is on-brand and will optimise digital growth for our client’s organisation.

2. Project Set-Up

All client requirements are written as user stories, stories are assigned to the correct resource in our team to complete within the agreed timelines. Daily stand-up meetings are held by each project team to ensure transparency and total collaboration. Agile workflow allows us to effectively manage performance methodically, measure change control and mitigate against risks to resolve potential issues quickly.

3. Interview And Copy Creation

Having fully digested the website brief, our content team will arrange interviews with the client team to gather further information about their industry, service offerings, goals and values before beginning the process of writing website copy.

Once our team feels confident in understanding our client’s brand, and their customers’ needs, we continue to create fully unique content with just the right tone to help our clients successfully engage new and existing customers.

4. UX And Graphic Design

Using the client’s logo and corporate colours, our design team creates unique website graphics and user-friendly website layout by sticking with the guidelines in the bespoke website brief. This is then presented to the client for review and sign-off using Adobe XD software prior to development. This transparency ensures we deliver a website that meets all of the required needs for our clients and their customers.

5. Website Development

The next stage is talking the design and scope of works to build the website, including all agreed features and meeting our SEO build guidelines. We’ll build your solution aligned to the best coding practices and according to your needs. Where is needed, we will provide training to the personnel involved, insuring smooth and problem-free workflow

6. On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Building a website to benefit your users and gear any optimisation toward making the user experience better is key to digital growth. Search engines, such as Google, reward websites with SEO to rank highly on the search results pages. Our team ensures this is implemented on the website to reap the rewards of higher traffic volumes when it is live.

Many other agencies charge extra for SEO services. At Grofuse, on-site SEO is  implemented on all of our websites as part of the overall package.

7. Final Testing And Review

Once the site is built, our team runs through a thorough checklist to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard. Once the website is tested and approved for high-speed, exceptional usability and optimum functionality, you will receive a test link to review fully review the site prior to it going live.

Ultimately, this is your business, your brand and your website. Grofuse has fused the perfect process and framework to work in tandem with clients for full transparency, efficiency and getting projects delivered on time, within budget and right first time.

Speak with our experts about your plans for a new website and do it right first time, thanks to our efficient and transparent process. Contact Grofuse for a free consultation today: NI/GB +44 2871 228820 or ROI +353 1 247 5294. Alternatively, email: [email protected]