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PPC can significantly improve your company’s performance if you keep up with current trends. Any white-label PPC agency or digital marketing agency that wants to create a robust online presence for their clients should dedicate time and effort to staying on top of PPC trends. We have listed several PPC trends you can follow in 2023 to help your business succeed.



Technology and automation are changing PPC advertising. Of course, PPC already includes automation. Automated bidding, for example, automatically sets your bids on keywords and ad groups and removes the need to adjust each day manually. In the future, however, we will see more automation in PPC marketing.

This means that search engine algorithms will be more proactive and valuable in understanding the user’s queries. In addition, advancements in technology can automate your advertising campaigns. As a result, businesses can expect automation to allow them to manage their campaigns without any human interaction.


Artificial Intelligence

This topic has been rising across many paid platforms over the past few years and is expected to continue growing. Google and other media will continue to find new ways to optimise your campaigns and enhance their bidding strategy capabilities.

AI isn’t content with setting up campaign settings. As already demonstrated with Meta’s Advantage+ innovative feature, which allows it to tweak your brand’s creatives according to what individual users are most open to, creative will be next on the AI’s hit list.

Although functionality like this can improve your ads’ performance, it is essential to be cautious as it could lead to your brand being disapproved of the enhancements it offers.


Social Media’s Role In PPC Campaigns

Social media and PPC campaigns are currently performing well. It’s not surprising that this is the case since the combination of these two channels has produced outstanding results over the past few years. This successful integration will likely propel further in 2023.

Paid search and social media work together to provide a positive user experience. In addition, your audience will be comfortable with this as they can view your ads on social media and purchase through their preferred platforms. We recommend you keep investing in social media channels to increase your reach and boost your posts.


Video Advertisement

Video advertisement was one of the most important paid search trends for 2023. For example, 90% of people believe videos aid them in making purchase decisions. CTV advertising on other platforms has also become more accessible, allowing more small businesses to offer video ads on streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon. Also, expect advertising to be available on Netflix very soon.

The streaming giant has announced plans for a new ad-supported tier. Also, remember the important role video plays in social-media advertising. One in three users watches videos from brands on social media platforms. TikTok, a video-only company that saw a 77% rise in consumer spending by 2021, is something many brands may want to pay attention to.


Programmatic Advertising’s Influence on PPC

Programmatic advertising is a form of marketing that uses technology to purchase digital ads based on viewing behaviour and demographic data. These ads are growing like never before, and many companies are turning their attention to them.

According to an eMarketer report, programmatic advertising spending increased by more than 16% in 2022 and is expected to increase by more than 15% in 2023. Programmatic advertising is certainly worth keeping an eye on, with automation centred around PPC trends.


Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is a machine-learning-controlled automated bidding system. It utilises machine learning to maximise conversions and value in auctions. Some examples are Enhanced Cost-Per-Click, Target Cost-Per-Acquisition and Target Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Smart bidding will only become more popular as we progress through 2023. Strategies that use it will also become more common. As a result, manual bidding could become an obsolete practice. This will be a good thing as it will allow marketers to focus on strategic areas such as analytics.


Targeting an Audience

Google Ads has a new feature that allows you to add targeted audiences. This allows you to narrow down the audience that will see your ads. In addition, this feature will enable you to maximise your advertising budget.

Audience targeting lets you specify demographics, such as the income of your target audience. You can set ad preferences to exclude people you don’t believe your service is appealing to. For example, selling luxury items might exclude users with less than €50,000 per annum, as they will be less likely to spend large amounts on non-essential goods.

Advertisers can now layer audiences together with the latest Google Ads updates. You can combine keyword targeting with demographic targeting to create highly relevant ads for your audiences.


More Visual Search Engine Results Pages

Visual search ads have transformed the search landscape. Visual ads are where users search for products using images instead of keywords. This allows them to find relevant products on search engine websites. This helps businesses reach their target market. These ads have significantly improved over the last few years and will continue to rise in 2023.

It’s been evident that search results pages have become more visually appealing to users over the years, thanks to features such as Google Business Profile and map packs, Google Shopping, and more recently, image extensions in search ads. This trend is expected to continue for the next 12 months.

Rumours have circulated for the past few years that Microsoft Ads would experiment with video search results. Although we have not seen it happen, we believe Google is also currently testing it to make ad placements more appealing and keep organic listings down.


Voice Search

Smart homes and personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa are increasing in popularity worldwide.

Paid voice search advertising is still not mainstream, but technological advances will likely make it possible for this to happen soon. However, you can still get ahead by preparing. Using a conversational tone is a great way to stay ahead of your competition.

Voice searches are easier to understand, and people tend to be more conversational. This will increase your chances of getting a hit. Another way to increase voice search success is updating FAQ pages on your site using ‘long tail’ keywords.


To Conclude

PPC marketing has seen a lot of changes over the past few years, and many more are coming. These trends will help you reach more customers in a much faster manner than ever before. However, you must consider other factors when crafting your PPC campaigns and determining whether your efforts are successful.

It is essential to keep up with the latest trends to be ready for new developments. There are many things to take into account when creating your PPC strategy. Your success will depend on how you approach each area. The best advice we can offer is to keep up-to-date with search marketing trends and other areas that impact your business, or speak with the PPC professionals at Grofuse.