Why Having a Digital Presence Is Essential for Businesses

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Can you make a decision without looking at reviews and typing keywords on your phone? We can presume, no! However, the same goes the other way around; your customers heavily rely on information online when deciding which brand or product to purchase.

Our world is flooded with digital technology. Unfortunately, you risk losing revenue if your business is not on the digital bandwagon. A digital presence is crucial for a brand because of its many benefits.

Digital presence includes content you control, such as your website and social media handles. However, you may not have control over online reviews or feedback. This applies to both mobile and web presences.

Grofuse is a Derry-Londonderry digital growth and marketing agency that can help your business build a robust online presence. Our scope of services will help you increase your digital footprint, expand your brand, reinforce existing customer relationships, and create pathways for new business opportunities.

But first, we’ll explain what a digital presence means and what you should be invested in the digital sphere.


What Does Digital Presence Mean?

Digital presence simply means how your company or brand appears online. It is what people see when they search for you, your company, or your products and services. A digital presence can include content you control, such as the content of your website or social media profiles. Unfortunately, it also provides content you don’t control, like your search results or online reviews from customers which can be both positive or negative, depending on the output.

To walk that line, consider everything you can do online to grow your business. Your digital presence includes:

  • Your blogs and websites
  • Social media sites (LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter.)
  • Search Results from different search engines.
  • Listings in the Directory and Location
  • Ratings and online reviews
  • Digital ads (social media ads, search ads, Google ads, and so forth)

Your online presence is a global communication link you cannot fully control, and you must monitor it with keen eyes. While the ultimate goal of an online presence is to be visible on the internet, it is often not enough. As a result, it can be dangerous for your business to ignore or mismanage your online presence.


Why Should You Invest In Your Digital Presence?

How many times have your Google searches influenced your purchase decisions? How many times have online reviews influenced your decision to purchase a restaurant? You might choose a product because it seemed “more reliable” online.

This is how significant an online presence can be for a business, but it can also be a deal breaker if it isn’t managed correctly. 

The short of it is that customers will trust businesses that look professional on the internet. When you have a solid digital foundation, no matter what kind of business you have, whether an online or offline business or a large enterprise, the web presence will attract customers.

Therefore, your online presence is significant for customers and serves many other purposes, such as:

  • Make your business or brand more accessible – Even if you don’t sell any products online, having a positive online presence can help your business sell more offline. Customers may abandon you if they don’t find you online.
  • Act as a passive marketing channel for your company – Customers’ reviews and engagements on social media could be a sales enabler. Your online presence can help people know your brand. A website or social media profile can establish a visual identity that people recognise and trust.
  • Increase your business credibility – It can be challenging for startups and small businesses to be recognised early as valid entities. A solid online presence is key to ensuring that people take you seriously.


Why Does A Business Need a Digital Presence?

We are already in a digitally-advanced age. Therefore, it is the perfect time to take advantage of digital tools such as social media and mobile advertising and promote your brand with vigour. A professional website and social media pages will help you promote your business 24/7.

In addition, your business will flourish when you partner with a digital growth agency that will create, develop, and maintain your digital presence. This will allow you to set new standards for branding, customers, revenue, and customer service.

Marketing Your Business’ Brand

Your brand is what sells your products to customers, and they will remember it with a good digital presence. It can be challenging to market your brand, depending on the niche. However, building your brand can be easy if you have a robust online presence.

You can sell your brand for free via the internet and social networks; no one will stop you. However, this is only the beginning of a digital presence for a brand. You will need to invest in targeted and paid advertising for the best outcome. People thousands of miles away can easily find a solid digital presence, leading to more customers, commerce, and revenue for your business.

Establishing Customer Relationships

You can treat social media as a tool to establish relationships with friends and followers. This is true for both individuals and businesses. For example, when your company posts regularly on social media platforms, it gives your brand a voice.

Your company’s digital voice can help customers relate to you and give your business a human touch. In addition, a digital presence allows businesses to get to know customers through interaction. In short, digital presence, such as social media campaigns or other types of digital outreach, are a great way to connect with customers and create a loyal client base or potential target group.

Brand Visibility

Customers can find businesses with a digital presence much more quickly if they have one. Many customers will look online for information about a company or product. Even if your brick-and-mortar store is still operating, you will need a digital presence to connect with existing or new customers.

Some people will shop online and finish their purchase in person, while others will do it both ways. Many new customers won’t want to spend too much time searching for a company, product, or service. They should instead be able to search Google for you. Will they become customers of your company after they find you? Your digital presence is vital to converting leads into customers.

Marketing Products or Services

Businesses and brands use the Internet as a powerful platform to showcase their services or products. Whether you want to share your portfolio with testimonials or upload photos from your latest products to a Facebook album doesn’t matter. The digital presence helps you achieve a digital catalogue that can be accessed worldwide.

The internet makes it easy to show the world what you have to say. Your customers can see your true colours in just a few clicks. This can be done even outside of regular business hours. Your online presence can be a digital extension of your brand, like a digital store which never closes.

Generate Revenue

A digital presence and online marketing can generate more revenue by maximising all available digital channels. This is the most significant benefit of increasing the digital footprint. Even more surprising is that businesses without a digital presence and who only use traditional marketing methods are less likely to reach the digital-savvy population.

A digital presence allows you to reach more customers and promotes your brand. It also encourages them to take action by giving them a trustworthy, robust, and well-maintained channel of information about your brand. This will result in consistent lead generation and higher conversions.


We’re Here to Advise on How to Digitise

These are just some of the numerous advantages of maintaining a digital presence for your company or brand.

You can’t control everything online, so staying one step ahead of your customers is essential. Sometimes you’ll have to get creative by giving customers something they didn’t know they wanted, as people don’t always know what they want. Sounds easy on paper, doesn’t it?

You must first understand everything customers know about your business online and how they react to your brand. You can only do that by first understanding, monitoring, improving, and maintaining your online presence.

This is easier said and done, as creating and maintaining a robust digital presence is an uphill task, and we encourage you to leave your digital presence into professional hands. Contact our experts for more information about your digital presence and your brand’s digital marketing.

We can help your business and brand reach new heights. Grofuse assists enterprises in transforming their brand with our unique integrated approach to delivering a better digital experience.