There are many contributing factors as to why you may not be able to see your ads on Google. These include:

1. Geotargeting

Your ads might not show because you are searching from outside the geographic area your ad is targeting.

2. Your bid is too low

PPC campaigns are a search auction – you are likely competing for ad space with a number of other companies for the same keywords with a bidding budget that is too low.

3. Ad scheduling

When setting up your PPC campaigns, you have the option to define and set your ad scheduling. Your scheduled ad may not be running yet or it may already be complete but the end date that you set.

4. Budget constraints

With PPC campaigns, you are charged a cost per click (CPC). Each time someone clicks on your ad, this will be deducted from your daily budget – you may have already received enough clicks and spent your budget.

5. Platform bidding

On Google, you have the option to advertise to users on particular platforms they are using such as desktop, mobiles or tablets. You may have set up the campaign to target just desktop or just mobile searchers and have excluded the other variations.

6. Disapproved ads

Google has a number of advertising policies that you must adhere to. If your ads do not satisfy these requirements, your ads will be disapproved.

7. Negative keywords

In Adword campaigns, you can use negative keywords to ensure that your ads don’t show for keywords you know you don’t want to show ads for. Negative keywords tell Google not to show your ads whenever someone searches with a particular word.

8. Billing

Make sure to set alerts or check the billing/payments section if your ads are not showing. Sometimes there can be issues with your credit card or payment method, prompting Google to stop your ads from running.

9. Your campaigns just started

If you just pushed your campaigns live and you are not seeing your ads, you may just have to wait – it takes some time for Google to approve ads, keywords and other variables within your campaigns.